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Kanwal Prakash “KP” Singh


True heroes are guiding lights, inspiring spirits:
Often ordinary people with extraordinary souls;
May be a parent, teacher, friend, innovator, or a genius
Destined or inspired to act with a prayer or on an impulse,
Offer a momentous greatness in the challenge of the hour.

They are born from the salt and fire, daring and sacrifice:
Armed with conscience and uncommon courage
They take on the unimagined, tread into the uncharted,
Blaze their spirit and vision into nobler altitudes,
Etch them across the sand and culture of time.

We recognize their presence, unique gifts:
All across the human and spiritual landscape;
In triumph or defeat, they make a difference
In one life or for the entire humanity
That may last well into the far reaches of eternity.

Our great heroes stand as symbols and tribute to Life:
They leave a celebrated lasting legacy -
Inspirations, imitations, and yet higher visions;
The legends of their singular deeds echo across the ages,
Often transcend the thresholds of times and cultures.

They mark our space and spirit with their light:
With ideas, ideals, and visions; adventures and imagination;
Inspire us to a daring and creative giving to Life.
Offer reminders that we too can, in some measure,
Make a difference to Life, the living, and the human journey.

Kanwal Prakash Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA