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I am hoping, praying, imagining
The New Year will usher in
A long-awaited blessed peace:
The old year having carried with it
The incredible burdens, sufferings
Caused by natural disasters,
Wars and cultural conflicts,
Failed lofty promises, shattered hopes;
The incredible pain of indignities,
Deprivations, heart-wrenching struggles;
The darkness that allowed no escape
To the victim or the witness,
Nor respite to the human spirit.

I am hoping, praying, imagining
The New Year will bring with it
More universal assurances:
The basic sustenance for survival,
Sacred rights for every living being:
Freedoms, opportunity, happiness;
Faith in tomorrows, fellow beings,
Institutions with mandates to serve.

I am hoping, praying, imagining
The New Year will herald
A sense of community:
Direction to our collective vision
Greater purpose to our lives, pursuits,
Larger interest, cause before our own.
Brightest dreams, ideas take shape,

Fair rewards for all honest labors,
All made solemn promises, fulfilled.

I am hoping, praying, imagining
The New Year will usher in
A higher spirit of cooperation:
Among people, cultures, faith
Communities, friends and neighbors.
We will see in each other
Our strength, our true cause,
A promise to set things right
For ourselves and for those who
Share this journey, time, space.

I am hoping, praying, imagining
That with each turn of the calendar
Future of our universe will improve:
So also our personal chapters;
Our spirit swept from darkness to Light,
From selfishness to fair sharing,
From despair to unbounded hope;
Understanding that all great beginnings
Need anchored in goodwill toward all.

I am hoping, praying, imagining
The long nightmare of yesterdays,
The tragic outrages of generations past
Will give way to a more hopeful order:
A new enlightened all-embracing spirit
That has the power to transform
Our lives, our neighborhoods
Into “islands” of true promise,
“Sanctuaries” of blessed peace,
Leaving no one outside the ‘citadel’
Of basic humanity, justice, dignity;
A collective will guiding human destiny.

I am hoping, praying, imagining
We will recognize, understand
The higher purpose in all things,
Strive to transform universal hopes
Into answered prayers:
Where the unfair burdens, darkness
That destroys human spirit do not intrude.
Where sanctity of basic rights, freedoms
That lift human spirit is a solemn pledge.
Where blessed peace in every land, hamlet
Culture across the Planet is a natural state.
Where embracing of new songs for living,
A culture that fosters friendliness across
Unfortunate divides is a moral mandate.
Where discovering common interests,
Collective strengths, shared humanity,
A major passion, powerful unifying force.
Where the seeking of a Higher Guidance,
Serving and celebrating all Life, Creation,
All sacred affairs are our highest prayer.

Wonderful Lord, You alone are the Power
To make the impossible, possible;
The unimagined, a true reality;
Our hopes and prayers, a fulfilled Mandate;
Create a new renaissance, shape a new dawn.
All-Knowing Father, lead us by Your Hand
Where we may see Your Light, Love all around.
Honor all that we see as Your Manifestations,
Offer peace, prayer, service to each other.
Lord You carried our burdens far too long.
Now we need step-up: give us strength,
Wisdom to learn right lessons, do things right;
Recognize, realize our gifts, potentials;
Be guided by our humanity above all else;
Expand hope and healing in all the lands
“In Your Name, By Your Grace,”
Transform our prayers into a bridge of hope
For one another, as our offerings
At Your Altar, Your Sacred Lotus Feet.

Kanwal Prakash “KP” Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
January 1, 2007