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Great tradition of Hola Mohalla

I was imagining the great tradition of Hola Mohalla started by
Guru Gobind Singhjee at Anandpur Sahib some three hundred years ago.
On this occasion, every year, the Great Guru organized military war
games to instill a fearless spirit and complete the image of his followers
as true saint-soldiers who would be ready to sacrifice
their all to honor and defend the inalienable human rights and
dignity of fellow beings against tyranny and injustice and uphold
the sacred cause of equality, justice, conscience, and national

We can only imagine the thousands who must have gathered for the
occasion at the invitation of the Great Guru for the exciting
Holla Mohalla at Anandpur Sahib in the foothills of Shivalik
Mountains to participate in these contests that tested their
mastery and courage in the use of weapons.

We can imagine the Great Guru must have himself leading and
inspiring the gathered warriors to further sharpen their skills
as they competed with the best swordsmen, archers, marksmen,
riders, foot-soldiers, and others who attended such gatherings.

The Holla Mohalla tradition must have been like reviving and reliving
the spirit of ancient and medieval such contests at other times and
other places to discover the best among the greatest and train others
to be best for not just the meet the critical chllanges of Guru's times
but to imprint a lasting spirit and commitment to step forward and be
counted at other times, events, and struggles yet to unfold. The great
tradition of Holla Mohalla continues to this day at Anandpur Sahib.

We can only imagine the thousands from the farthest corners of India
of every caste, culture, faith, and tradition who must have thronged
at Sri Anandpur Sahib for the occasion each year.

We can also imagine the fun, festivities, and colorful celebrations
that must have taken place surrounding such gatherings.

We cannot fathom the unbounded joy and honor of the awards and rewards,
approvals and accolades, and being "knighted" at the sacred court and
by the hands of Nasro Munsoor, the Tenth Sikh Spiritual King,
Guru Gobind Singh.

It must have been an awe-inspiring sight and sound spectacle to behold
and a transforming experience to be in the majestic presence of the
Great Guru and return from such glorious events to their home

Can you hear the resounding "jakaras" that must have rended the sky as
the dare-devil and courageous warriors showed their prowess in the use
of different weapons and Sikh horsemen in full battle regalia rushing
across the mock "battle theatre" at the speed of lightening shook the
ground? I feel blessed at the very thought of this flight of my

I hope that you can include the above as a lead into the poem-essay if
you are able to post the poem on NRIinternet. The timing is incredible
since Holla Mohalla often falls around this time.

With kind regards,
Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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