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Kanwal Prakash Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

The year was 1469, and in the dusty village of Talwandi in the Punjab,
In a caste-ridden, Moslem-ruled, and terribly divided Hindustan,
A Divine Messenger was born to spread a hopeful, universal message:
Oneness, Equality, Dignity, and Brotherhood of all God's children;

His followers named this humble Teacher: Guru Nanak.

In Word and Song, Nanak reaffirmed and proclaimed: There is One God,
A Supreme Reality, an Eternal Truth; Father and Mother to all Creation;
The sanctity of life, all faiths and traditions across the human horizon;
He revealed the path to know God, manifested within and all around.

His poetic utterances, "Shabad" (Word), reflect Divine Love and Wisdom;
Enshrined as a Spiritual Treasure in the Sikh holy book, the Adi Granth,
Beside the hymns of his successors, Hindu Bhagats, and Muslim Saints;
Each reaffirming a unity-in-spirit about basic precepts on matters of faith;

The Fifth Nanak, Arjan Dev, installed this interfaith revolutionary Granth
At the holiest Harmandir in 1604 as a spiritual anchor for the young faith;
The hymns of the Ninth Nanak, Teg Bahadur, later added to the original
By the Tenth Guru, Gobind Singh, with a final command to his followers:

Honor Guru Granth Sahib as the Living Guru, a spiritual Guide henceforth;
Meet the Guru personified; behold Thy Wonderful Lord in the Shabad;
Meditate and celebrate, serve and sacrifice, and discover in Naam-Simran
God's benevolence and greatness mirrored across the Word and the Song.

Sikhs, since 1708, have proudly celebrated the Shabad, as their Eternal Guru
Descended from heavenly Realm in exulted poetry as 5,894 hymns; each keyed
To a designated Raaga that transport human soul to higher purpose and vision,
Affirming their faith and spirituality in universal textures and rhythms;

Believe that all Divine inspirations originate in Satguru's Heavenly Temple;
The Word as Eternal Song is reverberating throughout His countless galaxies,
Star-studded corridors, cosmic enclaves, unseen worlds, limitless blue skies,
Spreading radiance, ecstasy, music, and melody in all imaginable directions;

The Granth, as a tapestry of illuminating thoughts and visions of the sacred,
Honors the entire spectrum of Divine Wisdom, Revelations, and Eternal Truth;
Accepts all faiths, precepts, philosophies as unique paths to One destination,
Advocating their rightful place and respect as our collective spiritual heritage;


Defense of sacred rights and human dignity as an act of faith and conscience;
Courage to face and conquer evil that terrorizes and injures the human soul;
Wisdom to embrace, recognize, and celebrate: "All humanity as One Race."
Stretching in faith, a Canopy of Hope and Peace across all human continents;

With a kindred spirit, thread all humanity in a Circle of Brotherhood;
Dispel ignorance and bigotry; confront injustice, prejudice, and intolerance;
Dismantle walls that divide people: faith from faith, culture from culture;
Discovering God's Presence in colorful mosaics of all Songs and Scriptures;

Recognize, and know, all spiritual paths lead to our common Cosmic Center;
Witness God's Mystery and Majesty, beautiful Universe and welcome Mansions,
Sanctuaries paved with prayer, peace, and pure Light for all living beings;
Come to experience the Divine and matters of faith, with an open and humble spirit.

The Sikh Guru Granth Sahib is a composite Treasury of languages and cultures:
A Repository of Wisdom that transcends Frontiers, Ages, and Messengers;
A Bridge that spans spiritual shores; a Vessel that ferries seekers across Thresholds;
A Teacher that demands: see "God's Light and Presence in every living being."

Satguru, The True King, leads everyone past temporal hurdles; promises Eternity,
Delivers all mortals from earthly and hereafter fears and cycles; blesses Reunion,
For, "No one is outside the Circle of God's Love, Mercy, and Compassion."
Scriptures offer a glimpse of His Magnificence, spiritual insights and direction:

Praise the Infinite and Immaculate Lord with service offerings at His Altar;
Find humanity in respecting other ideals, cultures, and unfamiliar traditions;
Affirm humanity by assuring justice, equality, and freedoms of fellow beings;
Live spiritual lessons through works that make a difference for God's Children.

Faith leaders gathered on this anniversary to honor The Granth at the Golden Temple:
A return visit to Nanak's travels to their "Cathedrals of Spirit," in the 15th century;
Beyond the colorful pageantry, welcome opportunity, intense pride, and proclamations,
Such gatherings need to honor the true mandate of our faiths and each noble "Granth."

Kanwal Prakash Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
September 1, 2004

Reflection and tribute on the landmark 400th anniversary celebrations of the Prakash Ustav (ceremonious installation) of the original Guru Granth Sahib at the holiest Harmandir (now famous as the Golden Temple) at Amritsar, India on September 1, 2004. Sikhs honor their Granth as an Eternal Living Guru personified and the heart and soul of their faith. Sikhs hail Guru Granth Sahib as a universal spiritual treasure for all mankind.

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