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Out of The Jewish Holocaust, one of the most unconscionable and horrific experiences in human history, some remarkable heroes have emerged among the survivors. One survivor of that atrocity, Helga Newmark, the only female Holocaust survivor to become an ordained Rabbi, was at the Hasten Hebrew Academy this week for the Holocaust Memorial Observance. Her presence added a moving testimony to the solemn Remembrance.

Her words embodied courage, an uncommon grace, and a divinely-guided reassurance.
Overcoming personal grief, torturing doubts, and shattered faith as a young witness to unspeakable crimes against humanity, a more hopeful and spirit-filled Rabbi Newmark today carries a flame in loving memory to the victims and is a gentle voice of conscience to countless millions.

Whereas we cannot possibly fathom the agonizing nightmares of Newmark, Eva Kor, Nobel Laureate Elie Weisel and other survivors, we can gratefully witness the light they offer us on our darkest days and the amazing triumphs of the broken spirit that no text can possibly impart. Their influence on life, liberty, and human emancipation stretches across thresholds of time and culture. As teachers, they call upon us to fight for what is right and righteous; against continuing evil and injustice; and to prevent future outrage in any form, anywhere.

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA


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