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The world has a long distance to travel before the full and fair implementation of workplace equality becomes a universal reality for women. Beyond the United Nation's declaration, and celebrations of International Women's Day on March 8 in many countries, the promises and affirmations of empowerment, fundamental freedoms and the recognition of women's contribution in every field of human endeavor, achievement, and trailblazing remains an unfulfilled legacy at this time. The male-dominated cultures have been especially reluctant to reform their unjust and oppressive treatment of women. Unfortunately, much suffering, outrage, denial of equal opportunities, assault on their dignity and infringement on their rightful place in many societies continues.

This is an area where the world needs to come together. If "child is the father of man" then woman as giver and sustainer of life is, and has been, the very soul of human destiny, "giving birth to kings, Divine Messengers, and emancipators who come to govern and enlighten us" remind the Sikh Scriptures. Throughout history, women have been the teachers, dreams and daring behind man's greatest adventures and creativity. Now women are the face and powerful force touching the farthest frontiers of human imagination and response to life, liberty, and pursuit of the impossible. We should devote a millennium to promote their gifts and celebrate their contributions to human spirit and civilization.

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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