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Dear Manvir

Although very late I thought I would write a response to your article.

What we must remember are the advantages of Nagar Kirtan and I will list these, as I see them.

1. One must not always be overly critical, unless you see something totally outrageous or disrespectful going on.

2. The fantastic community spirit and the joining of all communities irrespective of background, race, color etc. etc. ( not sure you will find this anywhere but southall). Even the different Gurudawaras get together!

3. the excitement of joining in what is after all a celebration of the glory of our Gurus and Sikhi.It really is a truly lovely site when you go to southall early morning on the day of Nagar Kirtan and you see people setting up stall and preparing food, young and old smiling and talking and helping each other.

4. The Nagar Kirtan encourages the young to take part in the celebrations without fear, embarrassment or ridicules from any other faction of society.

5. Yes the youth get excited and yes the youth want to dance and yes they can be told that Bhangra is not appropriate, but are they doing something terribly wrong?. The youth can be lectured and educated at all other times and venues and most importantly by their parents from birth.

6. What is very important is to remember that we today live in a free society and actually have freedom to have a Nagar Kirtan and you cant get any bigger than the one in Southall. This simply did not exist in the 60's - 80's. Thank God we are able to do so now.It always amazes me that we as a society are so tolerant, especially in Southall.

7. As long as the Nagar Kirtan is safe it is one of the most exiting processions of whole year. What should not be tolerated is the drinking and smoking and any inappropriate behavior towards women and children.

Thank you

Jaswinder Kaur. 10/2/06

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