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NRI Sikhs worldwide shocked:

Putting portraits of Guru Gobind Singh and Sree Guru Granth Sahib in Hindu Mandirs


I found the following article on Internet. Its really a shame for us. Sikhs must do something about such disturbing stuff. What are our Sikh leaders doing? They just play dirty politics. I am sending you all this just to make you aware what is going on and how our religion is being misused.
Chardi Kala.
Sunny Kular

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  • Sir, believe it or not, this is all political stunt. If any thing happened like this, there is always voting on religion, cast, reservation seats in jobs and in universities. India is democratic country but in real sense it is in books. As long as politicians are elected on religious maters, there would be no change in India. If any body think that there is true democracy, then why Gujrat riots, 1984 riots are still in the air, no culprit is in jail. A common Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh never think about this. I have read 100s article regarding these topics, those were written by Hindu scholars in India. These matter are not belong to Sikhs or Muslims, it is matter of common sense in 21st century. We, NRIs can make difference through this wonderful new evolution of Internet technology. Our voice can easily knock their doors who are playing games for votes. Thanks.....R Sharma, LA





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