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Sehajdhari Sikh Federation



Chandigarh, April30, 2009
Dr.Reeta Behl,

The National Executive Council of the Sehajdhari Sikh Federation a registered political party with the Election Commission of India has taken a decission to extend its support to the congress party.In a press conference held in the office of the Punjab Pardesh Congress Committee at Chandigarh the National President of the Sehajdhari Sikh Federation Dr.Paramjeet Singh Ranu appealed to all the sikhs with shornhairs to support the congress unconditionally as the SGPC which is a remote controlled organisation of the Akali Dal has already declared them as patits (Non-Sikhs).The 50yrs old voting right of the sehajdhari sikhs in the SGPC have been snatched by the NDA Govt. and now with which face will the BJP & Akalis seek votes in the Lok Sabha Elections from the Sikhs with shorn Hairs whom they have declared as Patits(Non-Sikhs).

The federation leader stated that in the year 2004 the Gurudwara Election Commission has debarred the Sehajdhari Sikhs from voting in the SGPC elections and deleted approximately 12.5 lakh sehajdhari voters from the list with one stroke following directions from the Advani Led Home Minsitry of the NDA Government. The Sehajdhari voters have always been a potential vote bank for the Badals but now they have been ignored by the Badals and are contesting a legal battle in the Punjab & Haryana High Court for their voting rights.

The Sehajdjhari Sikh federation which is now a registerd political party by the election Commission of India have given a slogan in punjabi “Je Shiromani Committee vich vote nai, te Akalia nu koi support ni” means if no voting right in SGPC then no vote for the Akalis. The Federation leaders stated that the Sehajdhari Sikh Federation have always played a decisive role in the elections and whomsoever they have supported has been victorious and formed the Government. Justifying this stand Dr.Ranu said that in 2002 the Sehajdhari Sikh Federation supported Capt.Amrinder Singh and he succeeded to form his Government in Punjab, in 2004 the Federation supported the Congress nominees in the Lok Sabha elections and the Congress succeeded to form the Union Government and now in 2007 the Federation supported the Akali Dal Badal with a deal that the Badal’s will nominate the Sehajdhari Sikhs in the SGPC but though Badal betrayed them afterwards but still succeeded to form their Government in Punjab.

Welcoming the stand of the Congress Party for withdrawing the tickets of Tytler and Sajjan Kumar the Federation praised the Congress President Sonia Gandhi stating that she has honoured the sentiments of the Sikh Community and has proved her pro-sikhs emotions and it is now the turn of the sikhs to support the congress unconditionally. It is the regime of the congress only when the sikhs have been honoured on highest posts like Prime Minister,President and Army chiefs. Now its again the congress has projected the name of Dr.Manmohan Singh a sikh as the Prime Ministerial candidate for which the sikhs should not leave any oppurtunity unturned.

The Federation has sticked to its previous stand that it will contest the general elections only after it regains the voting right in the SGPC and till that time it will be supporting the Liberal and secular force Congress in the country. The federation has also supported the stand of Mr.Sukhdev Singh Libra from Fatehgarh Sahib Lok Sabha Constituency as he is the only iron man who came forward to support the cause of neuclear deal in the national interest and has supported the Sikh Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh in a crucial period during the privilege motion in the Parliament. Sh.Pritpal Singh Khemkaran National Secretary General, Baba jasbir Singh National General Secretary Organisation, Advocate Raveel Kamal Takhtuwala, Jagtar Singh Dhaliwal, National General Secretary, Adv Ranjit Singh Secretary, Jaskanwarpal Singh National President Youth wing,Sh.Pran Nath and Gurcharan Singh Advisors Sh.J,S.Bhatti President UT,Mrs Kiran Bedi State President Ladies wing and other district Presidents of the federation were present in the press conference.