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PM Manmohan Singh is a Sehajdhari Sikh if not an Amritdhari: SSF

April 24, 2009
Dr.Reeta Behl

In retaliation to the statement of the SGPC Chief Avtar Singh Makkar stating ‘PM is no Sikh’,the Sehajdhari Sikh Federation’s National President Dr. P S Ranu called it most foolish and said that Makkar seems to have lost his mental balance as he is not aware as to what he says and when. He is so much under political influence of Badal Dal that he does not seem to be speaking from his mouth but trying to be their mouthpiece. The anti-sikhism face of these Akalis have been exposed as they are saying that no Sikh should be the PM or President of India.

On the other hand Makkar has no right to speak, as he has no moral character. Recently the Sehajdhari Sikh Federation had written an open letter to Makkar challenging him to come out with clear definition of a Sikh & Sehajdhari Sikh. Sehajdhari Sikh Federation had quoted Hymns from Guru Granth Sahib to prove their point. Makkar had no guts to reply simple questions raised in that open letter to which he has never replied till day.

He was flayed by Sikhs all over the world because of the unacceptable affidavit SGPC had filed in Honorable Punjab and Haryana High court giving wrong definition of Sikh/Sehajdhari Sikh. He volte faced twice in court as the definition of Sikh/ Sehajdhari Sikh was not even clear to him. He was confused and even the committee members whom he had appointed backed off blaming him of changing the text they opined to approve. He tried to gain political mileage from the situation but failed badly. Makkar had to apologize in America to the Sikh Sangat committing that he will go back to India and withdraw the first affidavit to file a new one. Even that was not done as promised in US Gurdawara in front of Holy Granth. In fact Makkar is bent upon to prove a non-Sikh himself through his deeds, which go against Sikh community as a whole. He has nothing to say as to what he has done so far to improve the image of Sikh community and improve dharm parchar. He did nothing for which he can claim to be proud of. He is no more than a puppet in hands of wrong politicians who cleverly had been using him to grind their political axes.

Whenever PM visited Amritsar Makkar was heading the reception party and honored him with seropas with folded hands. He requested PM whom he says is no Sikh, to take up the issue of turban with France government, as he stood nowhere. Every one knows around how the elections of SGPC are held where the President takes birth out of an envelope received from Chandigarh residence of Badals. Because of follies of this man SGPC has lost its honor and respect. Numerous issues are pending before SGPC further piling up everyday to get addressed but nothing gets done. Of course it was not his fault as he is not a politician himself but trying to be one leaving aside his main responsibility of managing Gurdwaras. Neither he could become a politician nor he is religious who can do anything to save downfall of religious values for which he is the only one to be blamed. He has proved himself to be the most weak and destructive President of SGPC.

PM S. Manmohan Singh has earned a good name all over the world for India due his economic policies and actions. So far as Sikh identity is concerned all over the world, it is our Prime Minister who gets recognized as a Sikh and not Mr. Makkar when he visits any foreign country. How much Makkar is known around the world as compared to Prime Minister of India? Dr. Ranu asked. He has proved himself a disloyal citizen defying the constitution of India by calling our PM a “no Sikh” whereas PM is most humble Sikh who has never mixed politics with religion. The world respects PM of India. The Sehajdhari Sikh federation has demanded that why a case be not registered against Makkar being anti-India as he has violated the Constitutional right of the Inidan Prime Minister by challenging his freedom of religion.

Makkar has proved himself a liar time and again. During mid January a Gurdwara and a school at village Gidarpindi near Jalandhar was forcibly taken over by SGPC. The people of that village are agitating since then and are accusing Makkar of lying and backtracking from his words. Even after three months the SGPC could not resolve the issue. The villagers have threatened to stage dharna in front of Makkar’s house again. On March 1 when they had staged dharna in front of Makkar’s house then, he had assured the villagers to solve the issue at the earliest.

Makkar is unable to manage Gurdawaras which is the prime and basic responsibility of SGPC and its President and is the preamble of the Gududwara Act by which the SGPC is governed. The symptoms are clear in Haryana where Sikhs are agitated and resolving to form their own Gurdwara Parbhandhak committee just after elections. They claim that SGPC comes to Haryana to collect the donations of Sikh Sangat from Gurdwaras and gives no financial support to maintain Gurdwaras there. The Sikh community of Haryana feels cheated by SGPC. How can Makkar explain this?

The Sehajdhari Sikh federation appeals to all the Sikh sangat to discard the SGPC and Badal Akali dal in these elections and openly support the Prime Minister who is a Sikh though a Sehajdhari Sikh if not Amritdhari Sikh.