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The recent decision of Sonia Gandhi to decline the post of Prime Minister and offering it to Dr Manmohan Singh is the best for India to re-establish Secularism in its real spirit in India. Her decision will be the first in the history of India where a post of Prime Minister has been refused.

Some Sikhs are considering it as a favour to the Sikhs and compensation for an attack on the Harmandar Sahib and massacre of the Sikhs in 1984. However, Ms Sonia Gandhi has recommended Dr Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India entirely on his qualifications and his ability in steering the economy of India. She followed the principle of Nanakian philosophy, "Takht bheh Takhtay layak" AGGS, M 1, p 1039. This decision has also given another defeat to the BJP who were starting to humiliate her by presenting her as a foreigner and her lack of patriotism to India. This decision will also help Ms Sonia Gandhi to groom his son Rahul Gandhi as the future Prime Minister.

The other reason appears to be that Ms Sonia Gandhi wants to re-establish secularism in its real spirit. This is due to the fact that although Mrs Indra Gandhi won the sympathy votes of majority Hindus by attacking on the Harmandar Sahib in 1984, the BJP failed to win by killing Muslims to please the majority votes of Hindus. This time it was different since the Muslim population is more than 12% in India and the Muslims voted against BJP en mass.

The present election has clearly given a verdict that to play with religions to win election to rule India is not going to succeed in future. It has been realized by Ms Sonia Gandhi that the best solution for India is to
re-establish secularism in Congress party, its main objective when this party was formed for liberation of India and many Sikhs sacrificed their lives.

This is the first time that a Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh, is a highly qualified Economist on one hand and the President, Dr Abdul Kalam, highly qualified Physicist, is on the other hand. Dr Manmohan Singh belongs to a minority religion (Sikhism) while Dr Abdul Kalam also belongs to another minority religion, Islam. The both personalities are highly acclaimed not only in India but also globally. India will definitely become an example of secular and democratic country in the world. The people of India expect them to use their education and expertise for the welfare of the humanity, another principle of Nanakian philosophy:
vidia vichari tan parupkari. AGGS, M 1, p 356.
Nanak Says:
That education is worth that is applied to the welfare of the humanity.

In this respect Dr Singh has already done so when he was Finance Minister and reiterated to do so as follows:
"Singh said among his priorities as Prime Minister would be social and economic development, a healthy capital market, strong emphasis on agriculture and creation of job opportunities."

The IUS wishes all success to Dr Singh in his ambition to serve for the welfare people of India.

Prof Devinder Singh Chahal, PhD
4418 Martin Plouffe, Laval, Quebec, Canada H7W 5L9
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(Reproduced from: UNDERSTANDING SIKHISM - The Research Journal. 6 (2): 44, 2004.)

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