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Author: Prof Devinder Singh Chahal, PhD



Montreal, Canada, March 15, 2009
Dr. Prof. D.S. Chahal

The Punjabi Association of Quebec (PAQ) is committed to volunteerism to help the humanity. The PAQ assists the Punjabi youth in exploiting their potential to achieve their goals. Besides acknowledging the importance of family and Punjabi culture it is committed to make its members to understand the Quebecois and Canadian culture. It owns a building at 1011- 90th Avenue, LaSalle, PQ. A part of this is rented and the other is used as an office. The basement is used for holding meetings. It is also used by the Punjabi youth for discussions and also for practicing Bhangra and other dances.

The PAQ has been disseminating Punjabi culture among the Punjabi community and other communities of Quebec by holding Vaisakhi Festival every year by performing Giddha, Bhangra and recitation of Punjabi poetry since 1985. The PAQ is not lacking behind in organizing Punjabi sports, especially Kabbadi – a sport of its own kind.
The PAQ held its annual dinner party on February 28, 2008 at the Civic Center, St. Laurent, Quebec. The following dignities were the Guests of Honor:

Honorable Mr Stephen Dion, Member of Parliament; Honorable Madam Raymonde Folco, Member of Parliament, Laval-Les Iles; Honorable, Guy Ouellette, Member of Assembly of Quebec, Deputy Transport Minister of Government of Quebec; Honorable Mr Bernard Patry, Member of Parliament, Pierrefonds-Dollard; Mr Allen Desousa, Mayer of Borough of St. Laurent and Madam Mary Doros, Member of Executive Committee, Borrow of Montreal.
All the Guests of Honor spoke about the contributions of the Punjabi Community for building the economy of Quebec and Canada and for making the people of Quebec aware of the Punjabi Culture.

Hon. Madam Raymonde Folco, MP honored Prof Devinder Singh Chahal, President, Institute for Understanding Sikhism on behalf of the PAQ for his invaluable services to the Punjabi Community of Montreal.

Thereafter, Prof Chahal on behalf of the Institute for Understanding Sikhism (IUS) presented his book, NANAKIAN PHILOSOPHY: Basics for Humanity, to Hon. Madam Raymonde Folco. MP, Liberal Party. Later on all the Guests of Honor were presented a copy of the same book on behalf of the IUS in the presence of the executive of the Punjabi Association of Quebec (PAQ).

The Guests of Honor and the members of Punjabi Community were entertained with dances by a professional dancer and with Punjabi Bhangra by the students of local universities during dinner time.

Prof Chahal, the author of the book, NANAKIAN PHILOSOPHY: Basics for Humanity, has discussed philosophy of Guru Nanak in this book. It starts with explanation of the Commencing Verse of the Holy Granth of the Sikhs called Aad Guru Granth Sahib followed by the Concept of God, God vs Science, ‘Origin of Universe’, Hukm – The Laws of Nature’, ‘Astrology’, and ‘Vedas and Yuga’, Food Fads, Life, Death and Soul, After Death – Heaven and Hell and finally ‘Nanakian Philosophy for World Peace’. This book will make the Guests of Honor aware of the philosophy of Guru Nanak which has all the characteristics to be accepted as universal philosophy.


Dr. Devinder Singh Chahal

We are neither going to heaven or hell or into reincarnation of any other lives after this life.
"Think about the future, look not on the past. Make the present life a great success because there is no birth again."

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