To meet the needs of NRIs at Riverside Area

Including to help Senior’s social isolation and loneliness, family disputes, business disputes and non-problematic relationship with drugs.


To develop partnership with NRI Business Community

By promoting their Businesses worldwide NRI businesses that share the database of customers and to reach around 50 million people in India, who are desirous of doing business overseas and with NRIs.


Encourage NRI Youths to set up youth social/ recreational centers

Where boys and girls can socialize with in their own groups to get guidance of higher education and Alcohol/Drug awareness. We can help to diminish gap between first and 2nd generation.


Organize Annual Functions and seminars to honor

The best and the brightest of our NRI Community.Encourage NRIs to be involved in local politics and Indian politics. Also Encourage to raise funds for victims of a disaster and Organize a drug-free campaign


After a Great Success of NRIpress Club LA,California
NRIpress Club Riverside Launched

July 17, 2019
Ramesh/A.Gary Singh Grewal

Building Bonds Across NRI Generations, NRI Children and NRI Older Adults
“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others AND our greatest successes in life often come through helping others to succeed,” A.Gary Singh Grewal said.

As of January 2019, about 20 Riverside NRI Entrepreneurs, Business men and Seniors launched  NRIpress Club Riverside where thisclub’s new platform is designed to be a place where people can discuss the social issues they care about, connect with like-minded people  who can provided innovative, supportive and effective programs that can help hundreds of thousands of NRIs  in Riverside Area or even other cities.

Riverside NRIPRESS.club Established

1 Amrik S. Sidhu asidhu@ NRIpress.com
2 Avtar Sanghu asanghu@ NRIpress.com
3 Balbir Singh Jhawar bsjhawar@ NRIpress.com
4 Baldev Kang bkang@NRIpress.com
5 Balwinder S Uppal bsuppal@NRIpress.com
6 Bharpoor S Takhar bstakhar@NRIpress.com
7 Gurinderjit (Greg) Singh gsingh@NRipress.com
8 Harmakhan Sidhu hsandhu@NRIpress.com
9 Dr, Harkirat Dhillon hdhillon@NRIpress.com
10 Jaswant Singh Jhawar jsjhawar@NRIpress.com
11 Joginder (Joe) Sandhu


12 Kuldeep Sawhney ksawhney@NRIpress.com
13 L.Wraich lwraich@ NRIpress.com
14 Shingara Singh mssingh@NRIpress.com
15 Surinder Singh Kohli sskohli@NRIpress.com
16 Surinderpal Singh ssingh@ NRIpress.com
17 V.Bhasin vbhasin@ NRIpress.com
18 Kuljinder Tatla kuljinder@NRIpress.com
  Function: March, 2019
  Riverside NRI Community Leaders Outreach to the Riverside Police Foundation. To Build Trust Between Police and the NRI Community.............Click

Palm Springs

1 Harbhajan Samra hsamra@NRIpress.com
2 Jinder/Shinder Singh
3 Harvinder Chandi hchandi@NRIpress.com




  1. Amrik Singh Sidhu
  2. A.Gary Singh Grewal
  3. Baljinder Singh Sidhu
  4. Balbir ingh Jhawar
  5. V.Bhasin


  1. Dr, Harkirat Dhillon
  2. Joginder (Joe) Sandhu
  3. Jaswant Singh Jhawar
  4. Balwinder S Uppal
  5. V.Bhasin
  6. L.Wraich

NRIs-HEPL/ Hot Line Committe

  1. Agary Singh Grewal
  2. Ashok Agarwal
  3. Satosh Sharma



Diamond and Platinum Sponsors who like to serve NRI Community or officially  in NRIpress Project local or worldwide, please fill up this page:

 Member’s Name____________________________ Sponsor Date__________________/_______

Payment Yearly (Diamond  or Platinum members):


Initial 2019

















  -Can be upgraded any time to Platinum member

NOTE: DIAMOND & PLATINUM  members  may apply to  get incentive shares to grow according to their ability, time and their interest in the project:

      1. May Involve in management locally and worldwide
      2. May Involve  in news and IT operation
      3. Platinum members can get financial incentive according their interest, need and involvement. If you are a platinum member:
        1. You will be able to recover your sponsorship through commission incentives
        2. You will still able to get shares of the company as mention in our website
      4. Founder members in their city or State and co-founders in other countries
      5. Expansion operation –preference will be given to Diamond and Platinum members


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