NRIpress Club Riverside’s meeting on Aug. 03, 2019, 12.00pm- 2.30p at Delhi Palace

Dear NRIpress Club Riverside Associates,  

We’ve been thinking a lot about NRI’s life lately. In fact, it feels like we’re hit by one debilitating heartbreak after another, such as Generation Gap between NRI Parents and NRI Children, placing NRI parents in a Nursing Homes, Divorce Rates Increased Over Time in NRI Community and NRI’s properties are being grabbed by their own relatives in India.

For the past FIVE years, we were in the process of making the NRIpress-Club Model in Southern California, which we have finalized on Dec. 31, 2018. Now we are ready to implement the same model format in Toronto/Chicago/NYC and other countries like India, UK and Australia by starting on Jan 01, 2020. This is the best way to give back to our NRI Community and be proud of our heritage.

As of January 2019, about 20 Riverside NRI Entrepreneurs, Business men and Seniors  agreed to launch NRIpress Club Riverside where this club’s new platform is designed to be a place where people can discuss the social issues they care about, connect with like-minded people  who can provided innovative, supportive and effective programs that can help hundreds of thousands of NRIs  in Riverside Area or even other cities.

 To establish officially and actions, we have set up meeting on Aug. 03, 2019, 12.00pm- 2.30p at Delhi Palace - Cuisine of India 2001 Diners Ct, San Bernardino, CA 92408. Lunch will be served.

 Our Mission:

1.      To meet the needs of NRIs at Riverside Area including to help Senior’s social isolation and loneliness, family disputes, business disputes and non-problematic relationship with drugs.

2.      To develop partnership with NRI Business Community by promoting their Businesses worldwide NRI businesses that share the database of customers and to reach around 50 million people in India, who are desirous of doing business overseas and with NRIs’

3.      Encourage NRI Youths to set up youth social/ recreational centers where boys and girls can socialize with in their own groups to get guidance of higher education and Alcohol/Drug awareness. We can help to diminish gap between first and 2nd generation.

4.      Organize Annual Functions and seminars to honor the best and the brightest of our NRI Community.Encourage NRIs to be involved in local politics and Indian politics. Also Encourage to raise funds for victims of a disaster and Organize a drug-free campaign

We hope the following Riverside  team members  will be in the meeting:

  1. Amrik S. Sidhu
  2. Avtar Sanghu
  3. Balbir Singh Jhawar
  4. Baldev Singh Kang
  5. Balwinder S Uppal
  6. Bharpoor S Takhar
  7. Dalip Singh Sethi
  8. Gurinderjit (Greg) Singh
  9. Harbhajan Samra    
  10. Harmakhan Sidhu  
  11. Dr. Harkirat Dhillon
  12. Jaswant Singh Jhawar
  13. Joginder (Joe) Sandhu
  14. Kuldeep Sawhney
  15. Lehmber Wraich
  16. Shingara Singh
  17. Dr.Surinder Singh Kohli
  18. V.Bhasin
  19. Surinderpaul Singh
  20. Baljinder Sidhu
  21. A.Gary Singh Grewal


We may assign the person to take the minutes at a meeting. Before a meeting the minute-taker should review the following:

  • All of the names of the attendees
  • The items on the agenda


  • A title for the meeting: Riverside 
  • The name of the chairperson    _____________
  • The meeting will start  12.00pm……. End 2.30pm               
1. By Baljinder Singh Sidhu  (NRIpress.Club organizer for whole California)  
  • General Information
  • Introduce to Agary Singh Grewal for Presentation
2. Agary Singh Grewal: Presentation  
  a. Objective of this Presentation: Updated whole Project,  Increase  presence of NRI business Directory/ NRIpress.; Desired Outcome  
  b. Feedback: Ask the group to respond to specific questions about an idea  
  c.. Introduce to Amrik Singh Sidhu  
3. Amrik Singh Sidhu: Presentation of Riverside  
  1. Introduce each Member
  2. Each member have 3-5 minutes for their views and suggestions
1-17 Members
4. TABLE Discussion for COMMITTEE  Appointment  
5.. Announce Date for yearly Award Nite Function  
6. Amrik Sidhu :Close  Statement  with next meeting  

After the meeting: we expect that our team members shall run the NRIpress-Club independently and we like to provide the duties and responsibilities

  • Your California Model will be implemented worldwide.
  • One of the most difficult things about holding an effective meeting is staying within the time limits. Please come in time.

Without your support and generosity we would not have been granted, and continue to have this opportunity. We promise to continue to warrant your faith in us.

With affectionate regards,

Ramesh/for  Gary Singh Grewal

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