NRIs Helping India but NRIs are Betrayed: The repatriation of funds to India by NRIs is among the highest among expatriates in the world. On the other hand, In India, NRI’s properties are being grabbed 
Q4 NRI’s properties  are being grabbed by mafia activists  and their own relatives in India

With real-estate prices soaring, NRIs are being deprived of their property by cheating relatives and land sharks.

  1. It is a big business in India and several ruling party senior leaders are hand in gloves in this property grabbing trade. First the land is forcibly grabbed. The mafia activists approach and initiate procedure to persuade the NRI to sell the encroached property to one of them., as it would not be possible for him  to get back his property from the powerful mafia. Even some senior police officials support them. Therefore, NRI should sell the property to the mafia activists who with their influence with police and highly placed politicians would get it vacated. 
  2. Helping Brothers, Sisters and Parents:  For the  past 2-3 decades, first generation NRIs  always helped their brothers, sisters and parents  in immigration and upgrading their education to get suitable jobs, even not spending time with their own kids. Unfortunately, most of them never appreciate and NRI’s property also grabbed with his own brother/sister relatives in India
  3. NRIs Help India but ....Click
Q5 NRIs are arrested under Dowry cases and false FIRs
  Ans. NRIs cases are delayed by months to years. Abuse of anti-dowry laws has become serious enough that the United States Department of State has  published the following travel warning on its Web site,, about "Dowry/Visa Demands" for travellers to India.
Q6 NRI Businesses in India:
  Ans NRIs become very upset when any business dispute occurred and contract would not enforceable because of delay. We have 100's stories of NRIs who started the projects in India, most of them made them near to bankrupt  and started their life again.
Q7 False promises from politicians , the police officers  and local office Departments

The breach of promises become very expensive to NRIs. There are no laws by which an oral promise by any person can be considered for legal action in case of any breach!

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, due to India’s 30 Million Case Judicial Backlog. There are hundreds of victims of blackmail and extortion, involving NRIs in the criminal cases registered in India, without any punishment to the blackmailer. Most of the cases are reported to take between 5-10 and 20 years. Misuse and Mockery of Indian law and Judiciary must be stopped and Blackmailers punished.