Benefits for All Members
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Yearly function -Special Discount and better seats Encourage to set up 24 x 7 Hot line worldwide including India to help NRIs
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IV DIAMOND At News Media Members can involve in management and Media rights
Referrals & Increased business
Referrals and positive word-of-mouth are the most effective ways to build a small business and .most trusted marketing strategy. You get normally high quality and even pre-qualified business for you.
Opportunities & Connections:
  1. You get opportunity to meet motivated group of business owners and opens the door to talk to highly influential people.
  2. Connections-Networking provides you with a great source of connections and you can call them to help and align with your business goals and vision.
Advice From Like-minded Business Owners:
Networking gives you the opportunity to get advice from specialized field business owners and expertise related to your business or even your personal life or family problems.
Share ideas and knowledge :
Discussing your views within a group and feedback from them provides you with an opportunity to learn and avoid some of the common pitfalls they experienced.
Positive Influence & Increased confidence-
By telling people who you are and what you do, then uplifting people that help you to grow as great entrepreneur. Pushing yourself to talk to other unknown professionals and entrepreneurs, it will help increase your confidence. Your business growth is dependent on talking to people and making connections.
Friendship & Satisfaction from helping others:
Like-minded business owners help each other, want to grow your businesses and naturally strong friendships tend to form. When Network people help each other to solve the problems or issues within their business and get a fantastic result - there is great satisfaction.

NRIpress Member's Exclusive Benefits:


  1.  You will run NRI news media in your City/State/Country…..(supported by our news room
  2. If you own the business: 
    • You will get 50% discount for your business Link
    • The following year you can earn free Link if you add two honest businers owners as your club network
  3. Making Extra Income: Making extra money is always a bonus. No contest. You can involve in our 20 website project. Nothing on this page is going to get you rich, but sometimes it’s just about making a few extra couple thousand dollars each month.
    •  You will share revenue from club membership / sponsors/ investment/and selling rights such as NRIpress.com/USA…Canada, LA etc . you refer above three advertisements mentioned in 2 or start immediately if you have no business advertisement related to our 20 web sites mega project.
  4. You will promote your business and get popular in your community by:
    • Internet Presence and being a member of Association
    • Networking Opportunities at Respective Events
    • Cross Business referrals: Member can increase their business from annual directory of our members and by attending our functions
  5.  Referral Incentive by joining individual web site netwok: For example Real estate. 
  6. You will run NRI business association in your City/State/Country through membership/seminars (our association will support) 
  7. You will promote your/family sons or daughters in seminars - We will encourage them to control this project and enable them to have direct contact with CEOs/ Politicians and Entrepreneurs 
  8. You will be highly recognized and respected in NRI Community as well as local politician’s circle


  1. As soon as we have 500 members, our plan is to negotiate for reduced rates with:

a) Insurance Companies: Life, Retirement, health, Real Estate, and Auto Insurance 
b) Car Dealerships or Companies with special rebate 
c) Hotel Discounts, Rental Cars & Holidays package 
d) Private Share Accommodation Worldwide 
e) Loan Facilities, or Own Banking and Credit Cards to members 

2. Hot Line Help 24 x7

  • NRI seniors and needy families in your city.
  • Help in India: such as Accident situation, airport, police  or neighbour harasement or Other unexpected racism, brutality and corruption.

for Admin/Media Executives/IT Admin

This ID Card will be issued to Diamond, Patinum, Board of Directors, News Officials, IT Investors, and senior Advisors. This card can be used from white House to New Delhi when official invitation have been provided.
  1. Enjoy and join at Special reserved tables for press at Bollywood or Hollywood Entertainment Shows or any Political functions.
  2. To represent yourself as a NRI Community representative or behalf of press to local Mayors, police heads or congressmen.
  3. Help to raise funds for needy NRIs and NRI associations
  4. When travelingh in India, you can use it where you feel helpful at airport, hospital, police stations or in offices. In any difficult time, you can contact local media or our head office for help.

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