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  BLM Black Lives Matter- NRIs Hold Debate on Racism & Police Brutality Gary Singh June 18, 11am Bal Sidhu//Amrik Sidhu/Harbhajan Samra/ Agary Singh Grewal ---x--- Done
  Covid-19 How Covid-19 affect or impact on the global economy - Statistics & Facts Gary Singh July 04, Sat. 11 am Kuljinder Ttla//- Bal Sidhu//-Amrik Sidhu//- Agary Singh//-H. Samra/ Roshan Khandpur

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Can China be trusted to be a responsible financial power? or Has world a hard time trusting China.?

AGary Singh July 18, Wed 11am Bani Mukherjee/Agary Singh Grewal/ Bal Sidhu/ Amrik Sidhu.Kuljinder Tatla Booked Done
Is Covid-19, Corona Virus Myth Vs Facts or a political hoax
Cases on rise but not Deaths
Higher cases are due to More Testing

Gary Singh Aug 01 11am Bani Mukherjee/ Dr. B.K.Chawla/ Agary Singh Grewal/ Bal Sidhu/ Amrik Sidhu. Booked Done
  Covid-19 Myth ot Hoax   Aug 06       Done
  Recession Recession to Depression   Aug 23       Done
  Network Network   Sep. 10       Done
  GOPIO GOPIO After Inder Singh   Sep.19       Done
  7-ELEVEN 7-Eleven Franchise NRIs Call   Oct 15       Done
  Divorce  Is it better to keep divorce uncontested or To Settle Divorce Out Of Court--Free Audio Training. Get Over Divorce Faster. Better Faster Stronger. Live Better Than Before.....Agary Singh H.Samra          
  Education How can Education Contribute to the Betterment of Society? Gary Singh          
  Marriage/ Is Lavish arranged marriages, huge dowries - dark side of our culture & legally unlawful Gary Singh          
  Marriage Social impact of inter community marriages. Bal Sidhu          
  Lives Matter Black/Dalit/Scheduled Cast lives matter and all lives matter, equality- global protests B.Mukherji          
  NRIBCEOs “Nri’ are missing from political scene at all three levels of Government while they are CEOs of leading US companies.”            
  Media What is the problem with Indian media?            
  India Is India really becoming a digital India? Gary Singh Aug 02 11am      
  Social Media Social Media---may not be so good for democracy//-risk of developing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression//-- psychological risk factors of addiction to social networking//- the real risks of fake news AND Cyber Propaganda B.Mukherji          
  Generation Generation gap- who should accommodate. Bal Sidhu          
  Seniors Seniors independence & facilities. Bal Sidhu          
  Religiously Funds Mismanagement of religiously donated funds. Bal Sidhu          
  India India really becoming a digital India? Gary Singh          
  Punjab politics Punjab politics & manipulation Bal Sidhu          
  Consular Consular relationship Bal Sidhu          
  Sponsor Po Sponsor your villagelitical cells of India Bal Sidhu          
  Army attack on Golden Temple Historical perspective of Indian Army attack on Golden Temple. Political murder or Planned  genocide Bal Sidhu          
  Living with In-lawa Living with daughter-in-law or son-in-Law-chances are 90% divorce of their loved ones (son or daughter Raman Singh          
  Illegal Immigrnts Should the US Deport Illegal Immigrnts            
  Investment Investment in India- contact enforcement ? 9. 10. Bal Sidhu          
  1. Langar/ Nagar Kirtans
  2. 30% Prog Time for Educate or Awareness
  3. Health Education
  4. Involve Local Politics
  5. Support Own people
  6. Involve Young 2nd Generation
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