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NRI Republican Ritesh Tandon challenge Democratic incumbent Ro Khanna in California’s District 17

Ritesh Tandon, 47, tech entrepreneur, is challenging Democratic incumbent Ro Khanna in California’s District 17 on the Republican ticket in 2020. District 17 includes Newark, Fremont, Milpitas, North San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Cupertino.  California's 17th congressional district is currently represented by Ro Khanna.

Ritesh will fight for all our communities and ensure the residents of the 17th Congressional District have a voice in Washington, DC.
Ritesh Tandon said:

  • I know the $23-trillion national debt is stealing our children’s future. As an independent small businessman, I understand the crushing burden of job-killing regulations
  • I intend to introduce federal programs, tax incentives, and low cost funds to encourage diversification of the Silicon Valley industry start-ups.
  • I see President Trump is helping our country more than any of the Democrats, and that’s why I want to go and work with President Trump to help my country.

Silicon Valley has over a century of innovations and start-up history. We must protect the enormous intellectual property created by the Valley. I will propose strict IP security related bills. Potential candidates are:

  • All technology transfers to any foreign entities, regardless of ownership, must get a review and an approval.
  • University admissions of personnel and collaborations from certain countries on key research areas need to be scrutinized carefully.
  •  IP protection laws also need to be examined carefully, particularly, where Patents on key technologies can be copied, or transformed.
  • We must keep the tax rates low and regulations reasonable in order for new industries to start, grow, thrive and complete worldwide.
  • I want the companies to start here and stay here.
  • We don’t want where, for example, the chip manufacturing, and computer manufacturing completely went overseas.
  •  We want key expansion to happen locally such that the IP remains within the valley and rest of the country.

At age 28, the grandson of a freedom fighter, Ritesh Tandon, immigrated to Bay Area, California, USA as a student searching for the American Dream.

  • Ritesh Tandon attended Santa Clara University in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering.
  • He completed his second Master’s in Business Administration from the same University.
  • While attending Santa Clara University, Ritesh met fellow Computer Engineer Zurica Dhar. They were married in 2001 and would make the Bay Area home.
  • As a father of two wonderful children, Ritesh is always seeking to make his community better for his family and others.
  • Ritesh Tandon worked on unified communications products for Cisco, first in engineering, then technical marketing.
  • Ritesh served as an executive committee member of the Sankara Eye Foundation, which has established nine hospitals to eradicate curable blindness. 
  • He raised millions of dollars for the hospitals and helped select the site for one of them. 
  • He also served as a volunteer and then president for five years of UPMA, an organization which supports education and childcare of poor kids.