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Preeti Shridhar candidate  for an open Port of Seattle Commissioner seat
Shridhar seemed to exemplify bravery in one of her most seminal stories.

Los Angeles, June 23, 2019 A.Gary Singh

Preeti Shridhar, 57,  is candidates for an open Port of Seattle Commissioner seat, recognize that the Port is a major landowner and how that land is used is a major issue.
This seat currently is held by Commissioner Courtney Gregoire, who will not run for re-election

Shridhar wants to expand and develop existing technical programs so that unemployed high school and college students can find similar blue collar work in the Port. Her emphasis is on students.

Shridhar seemed to exemplify bravery in one of her most seminal stories. After enduring a grueling divorce, in which her husband left her with massive gambling debt, she also had a son to raise. Through her own efforts, she paid off all the debt, then saved enough to send him to U.C. Berkeley.

And yet she faced the situation with humor.

When applying for her first job in Renton, as communications director, she gave a presentation about the city, which is shaped by the Cedar River running through it.
“It was called, ‘A River Runs Through It,’” she said, referring to the movie of the same title.
Preeti Shridhar knows negotiation of a different sort.


Shridhar contacted the mayor when a situation nearly exploded into interracial warfare in a major Sikh temple in her area.

  • Two opposing factions in the temple were disputing over a leadership transition. They called the police to come and maintain order. But when the officer arrived, he refused to take off his shoes or hat — which was sacrilege.
  • And he entered the temple, defiling it.
  • When Shridhar was told about this contretemps, she immediately convened a meeting with her colleagues and asked for the police department, a member of the Kent City Council, the mayor, and the Sikhs to attend.
  • Prior to the meeting, she spent time cajoling, apologizing, and persuading all sides to choose an amicable path.

In the end, the police apologized to the Sikhs and agreed that each officer would visit the temple to learn about correct protocol.

Shridhar brings 27 years of experience working with King County cities, businesses, and community organizations, notably with the City of Seattle. She currently works for the City of Renton and, over the last 14 years, has helped the city achieve significant growth, economic development, and recognition as one of the region’s leading cities.
Shridhar also helped to launch the City of Seattle’s Climate Protection Initiative and introduced the City’s recycling and water conservation programs

 “I’m an immigrant, and I have to stand up,” she said. “This does not represent the values of our community. This is not what we stand for. I have to take action.”

In 2017 Preeti Shridhari ran for Port Commission:
Preeti Shridhari ran for Port Commission Position 4. She served as deputy public affairs administrator for the City of Renton. 

  • Shridhar has been endorsed by U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal for the job. Jayapal said that met Shridhar through the NRI community and worked closely with her when building a transportation package with the state legislature that affected Renton. 
  • Jayapal said: Preeti is one of those exceptional candidates.”
  • I’m very interested in finding exceptionally well-qualified candidates who also bring diversity to elected office
  • Jayapal added that the Port would benefit from Shiridhar’s experience as an immigrant – and her work on environmental issues. 
  • She’ll be a powerful voice and She’s very knowledgeable and will have a lot to contribute. She has such a range of experience in government and the public sector – and has a passion for creating a Port that works for everyone – businesses, government and the community.
  • Her goals was to manage the growth of the airport, minimize environmental impacts and create opportunities for well-paying jobs. 

She served as deputy public affairs administrator for the City of Renton, and previously as communications director for the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and Environment. 

“We can be the leader,” she said. “We can make this happen. I see myself as an agent for change, someone who brings people together.”

Preeti Shridhar  is a candidate for Position 2 member of the Port of Seattle Commission in Washington. Shridhar is running in the primary on August 6, 2019. The general election is November 5, 2019.

Shridhar was a candidate for Position 4 representative on the Port of Seattle Commission in Washington. Shridhar was defeated in the general election on November 7, 2017.

  • Shridhar earned her B.A. in business administration from The College of St. Catherine. She later received her MBA from the University of Minnesota.
  • Shridhar also holds a B.A. in economics from the University of Bombay.
  • Shridhar immigrated from India to the U.S. in 1986. 

 Shridhar is the deputy public affairs administrator for the City of Renton


Preeti Shridhar, 57,  is candidates for an open Port of Seattle Commissioner seat,

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Next election - August 6, 2019



The College of St. Catherine


University of Minnesota

Deputy public affairs administrator, City of Renton