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NRI Nikki Haley, Former U.N. Ambassador, Ex-Governor launches petition
Urging Congress to investigate China over coronavirus crisis


Los Angeles, April. 23 2020 A.Gary Singh Grewal

NRI Nikki Haley,  Former U.N. Ambassador, Ex-Governor, launched a petition urging Congress to investigate China for its role in the coronavirus crisis, and to crack down on the communist government’s actions across the globe -- amid increasing pressure on the government to say what it knew about the virus and what it allegedly covered up.

Haley said:"We have long warned about the threats China’s Communist government poses. Now, in a time of crisis, we are seeing just how dangerous China is. The time for warnings is over. We must act and protect American security, health, and prosperity."

US Intelligence operatives are said to be gathering information about the laboratory and the initial outbreak of the virus. Intelligence analysts are piecing together a timeline of what the government knew and “creating an accurate picture of what happened.

Haley’s petition calls on Congress to investigate the Chinese government’s role in allegedly “covering up” the initial COVID-19 outbreak, and calls for the manufacturing of medical equipment and pharmaceutical drugs to be brought back to the U.S. to end China’s “stranglehold” on important supplies.

Haley urged the U.S. to call for an emergency Security Council meeting “on China’s involvement and knowledge of the virus.” Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun responded by saying, “epidemics may occur anywhere.”

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