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Laddi Singh, Nimrata Kainth Singh


Laddi Singh, a Democrat NRI  runs for Illinois House of Representatives

Paltine, Illinois, USA
Oct. 03, 2014 

Laddi Singh (aka Nimrata Kainth Singh), 39,  a young energetic first generation immigrant Indian American woman is working hard, campaigning door to door in the Illinois State House of Representatives District 54. The district voting area includes Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Inverness, parts of Barrington, South Barrington, Hoffman Estates, and Arlington Heights. The elections are on November 4


" I  use the surname of my husband, Amarjeet Singh, Laddi  is my nickname and I wanted to run with that," she said. "It's easy to remember."

In a very close race, she is pitted against an incumbent right wing Republican candidate Tom Morrison. Laddi Singh is a Democratic Candidate with party support and many Asian American Communities have rallied behind her boosting her chance to be the first ever Asian American woman representative in Illinois.

"My opponent is not representative of our community. He has focused on ideologically extreme "social issues" while accomplishing nothing that benefits the people of our district. We need a representative who will listen to all of her constituents, not just to fellow extremists," said Laddi Singh.

During her door to door walks, Laddi has been getting a favorable nod not only from ethnic minorities like Hispanics, African Americans, and Asian Americans but also from the mainstream American Caucasian voters of her district.
"Many people I talk to like my sincerity of Purpose and transparency besides my clear cut position on many issues facing Illinois residents," she said.

"I will meet with representatives of all communities that are part of the 54th District and listen to their concerns and ideas. This includes all ethnic groups and economic classes. Good ideas come from all sources, but the Illinois General Assembly does not hear from large parts of our community, I will make that happen. The additional advantage that I have is being a self made business woman," said Laddi Singh.

Born in a rural village in Punjab India in tough times, Laddi graduated in Computer Science , was an officer in N.C.C. (National Cadet Corps), played college soccer at university state and national level in India, immigrated to USA, worked many odd jobs while going to school for Certified Medical Assistant studies, and now she is the C.E.O. of her own health care business. Now she has jumped full force into another challenging arena -state of Illinois politics. Her father is a village Chief (Sarpanch) of their village in Punjab.
The Illinois state government has many issues starting with budget deficit, pension burden, healthcare, job creation and improving educational facilities.

"Under Governor Quinn, the General Assembly has cut state spending by more than $5.7 billion. We should continue to look for ways to avoid waste, fraud, and abuse and to adopt "best practices" of other states, but we cannot balance the budget on the backs of working people," she said.

She further said that in a short run there is no option but to put up with higher income tax rate that Governor Pat Quinn introduced a couple of years ago.

"This was to be a short term hike but being realistic, it appears that there is no way out to make that increase to continue for the next few years to fix the budget deficit," she said.

Illinois cannot continue to provide needed services without sufficient revenue. Either the income tax increase must continue (in whole or in part) or there must be other sources of revenue. The best long-term solution is a constitutional amendment allowing a graduated income tax, coupled with property tax relief for overburdened homeowners.

In the long run, improving the state economic condition and creating more jobs would help ease the situation. She also emphasized the need to cut down wasteful spending in all areas of government and streamline the administration to make it more efficient and cost effective.

"I am a healthcare professional and I have seen huge merit in the entire system envisioned by President Obama. It has provided an easy access to all uninsured people in the country, including Illinois, to get health insurance coverage." she said.
She wants business friendly environment to be created in the state for attracting more business in Illinois. Many companies leave Illinois and move to Indiana or other states to take advantage of their low tax rates." We have to induce these companies and give them reason to stay here in Illinois and create more jobs and revenue for the state," she said.
Laddi Singh is Pro Choice and feels that it should be left to individual woman to decide on the question of abortion.
She has the support of the top leadership of the Democratic Party who want to win this district over and she is confident that the 54th District will go to the Democrats in the November 4 general elections.

Our communities must register to vote and must exercise their right to vote on November 4. They can also vote early in person at certain locations, and also vote by mail.

Laddi Singh is married to an I.T. professional and has two children.













Laddi Singh (aka Nimrata Kainth Singh), BS in Computer Science and a Democratic Candidate runs for Illinois State House of Representatives District 54

  • Laddi Singh is the CEO of Professional Diagnostic Services, a medical testing company in Hoffman Estates