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Pramila Jayapal

NRI Congresswoman lawmaker Pramila Jayapal
introduced a bipartisan House Resolution on Kashmir,

urges India to lift communication restrictions, restore internet

 New York,Dec 09, 2019

NRI Pramila Jayapal, Madras Born Indian-American Democratic party Congresswoman lawmaker, introduced a resolution on Kashmir in the House of Representatives to raise their voices against the Indian government’s move on Jammu and Kashmir and urges India to lift communication restrictions, restore internet.

  • After the few weeks of abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, she criticism of situation in Jammu and Kashmir
  • On Sep. 10, she wrote a letter along with Democratic Congressman James McGovern from Massachusetts she urged Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to press the Indian government to lift communication blockade in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • On October 22, Jayapal raised the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, questioning alleged illegal detentions and human rights abuse at the Congressional hearing on Human Rights in South Asia. She also announced that she will bring a resolution on Kashmir.

Few days back, she introduced a bipartisan House Resolution  & tweeted:

  • I introduced a bipartisan House Resolution with Rep Watkins to urge the Indian government to end restrictions on communications and mass detentions in Jammu and Kashmir as swiftly as possible and preserve religious freedom for all residents.”
  • I hope to work with the Indian government and my colleagues in Congress to strengthen the US-India partnership, while protecting the human rights of the Kashmiri people.”  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  US visit:  Just before his arrival, she along with 10 other congresspersons gave statement- urging for lifting of communication blockade in Jammu and Kashmir.

NRI Community Divided:
According to India News Media, 100s NRI, good wisher of Modi phone calls to her office and wrote emails.
We are also learned that Indian Ambassador and Consul General also approach her to explain India’s position on Kashmir.
Some NRIs also held a ‘Silent March’ in front of her Seattle office to express solidarity with Kashmiri Hindus.
But her views on Kashmir remained unchanged and continued to urg for lifting of communication blockade in Jammu and Kashmir.





Nov 2016: Pramila Jayapal, 51, born in Chennai, is married to Steve Williamson and has a son and a stepson. She is the author of "Pilgrimage to India: A Woman Revisits Her Homeland.

Pramila Jayapal is a Democratic politician from the state of Washington. She has represented the 37th legislative district in the Washington State Senate since 2015, and beginning in January 2017,