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NRI Senator Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris' approval ratings continue to Fall….. San Francisco Chronicle
The Collapse of Kamala Harris………………………. National Review
Kamala Harris ‘least popular US vice president in modern history’…….Sky News

Los Angeles, Nov 23, 2021 A.Gary Singh

Few weeks back, USA Today-Suffolk University revealed that just 28 percent of American voters approve of the job Vice President Harris is doing. That result is shocking
Her approval rating slipping comes as reports claim that the Vice President has "stumbled" in interviews, has had "trouble managing staff", and has been either "sidelined" or "overwhelmed" by her portfolio.
According to National Review- Harris’s apologists like to insist that she is as unpopular as she is because she’s a non-white woman.

  • But this explanation gets the cause of the disapproval backwards. Kamala Harris isn’t disliked because she’s a non-white woman; Kamala Harris was chosen as vice president because she’s a non-white woman, and she’s disliked because she has nothing to recommend her beyond those facts.
  • In the highest of high dudgeon, her defenders will propose that this is Joe Biden’s fault, for not “using” Harris correctly in her role.
  • But this too is unjust. In truth, there is no good way to “use” Kamala Harris, because Kamala Harris is a talentless mediocrity whose only political flair is for making things worse than they were before she arrived.

According to Sky News guest host Daisy Cousens- Vice President Kamala Harris’ popularity continues to tank because “she sucks” and has never been “particularly beloved.

  • Kamala Harris is arguably the least popular US vice president in modern

The President's ratings dropped at 38 percent while the Vice President's is lower at 28 percent.

  • Her ratings are identical to Joe Biden's job approval rating as vice president in July 2009, about six months into his term in the Obama administration.

NRIpress Club Views:
After Guatemala trip, Kamala Harris' approval ratings continue to Fall:

  • Because there are very difficult issue to work on, like immigration
  • Every problem that Biden has is her problem.

Kamala Harris' has been attacked by Republicans all year round and say:

  • This woman is the border czar, where is she? Where’s Kamala?” And those have all had an effect on Biden’s poll numbers and then her poll numbers.