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LODI, CA, April 23, 2012

Congressional candidate Ricky Gill's campaign today launched its first television advertisement on cable networks throughout the 9th Congressional District. Titled "New Direction," the ad highlights Gill's local roots and accomplishments.  
"The campaign is making significant airtime purchases in the district's dominant cable systems to introduce Ricky Gill to voters, and we will stay on the air through primary election day," said Gill consultant James Fisfis. Gill, a Lodi small business owner and family farmer, is challenging Pleasanton's Jerry McNerney in the newly drawn 9th District. 

"Of course, McNerney can't see the ads because he still doesn't live in the district," said Fisfis. "In fact, he still can't even vote for himself."   

In the ad, Gill speaks to the viewer about the need for local leadership in Washington:

Ricky Gill: "Times are tough in the Valley.  It's time we had a local voice in Congress.

Voiceover: Lodi native Ricky Gill. Worked his family farms, and served on the state Board of Education - at age seventeen. Volunteered locally, earned academic scholarships. Now called a rising star from the Valley.

Gill: I'm running for Congress with an urgency to renew our economy and end Washington's reckless spending.

Voiceover: Ricky Gill.  A new direction in Washington.  A fresh start for our community.

Gill: "I'm Ricky Gill.  I approve this message."



LODI, CA, March 30, 2012
:Colin Hunter

A poll completed last week reveals that incumbent Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-Pleasanton) suffers from anemic support in the 9th Congressional District, where he faces a strong challenge from Lodi Republican Ricky Gill. 

In a survey of 355 likely primary voters, summarized here, just 23 percent of those polled believed that McNerney deserves reelection, while 46 percent preferred a new representative.    

On an initial ballot test, McNerney starts at only 35 percent and is closely followed by Gill, who stands at 26 percent despite significantly lower awareness of his name.  

Moreover, after hearing the candidates' biographies and messages, those polled would vote for Gill over McNerney, 40 percent to 32 percent--despite the fact that the sample included six percent more Democrats than Republicans.  

Separately, county registrars' data show that the Democratic registration advantage in the 9th District has narrowed considerably over a nine-month period. While voter information firm Political Data Inc. reported a Democratic advantage of 9.7 percent in July 2011, the registrars' files show the advantage has now shrunk to just 7.8 percent. 






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