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California NRI Bobbie Singh Allen elected mayor of Elk Grove, California
Bobbie Singh becomes the first directly elected Sikh woman mayor in US

Los Angeles,Nov. 12, 2020 Singh

On Monday Morning, Nov. 09, 2020, Bobbie Singh-Allen declared victory after receiving a call from Mayor Steve Ly who she defeated after a contentious race.

Bobbie Singh-Allen got 46% of the vote, with 25,853 votes to Ly's 34% of the vote and 19,241 votes. Brian Pastor, got 18% of the vote, with 10,088 votes.

Bobbie Singh-Allen will be sworn in on Dec. 9 after which she vowed to begin addressing the city’s challenges stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Bobbie Singh-Allen, a member of the Elk Grove Unified School District board, said:

  • I am truly humbled and honored by our victory. This win is not about me, it is about the well-being of Elk Grove
  •  I look forward to being a champion for our city and bringing our community together. Whether you supported me or not, I invite you to work with me to move our city forward. From now on, everyone has a seat at the table.
    In Sep. 2020, she got a threat and Holds Press Conference with Assembly member Jim Cooper and  Bobbie Singh-Allen said:
  •  Racism is a real problem that effects and endangers people of color every day.
  • There are racial justice protests going on because we as a society have a lot of work to do to ensure that Black people feel safe.
  • Asian people have also seen a terrible upswing in racist abuse since the start of the pandemic. It is unconscionable to levy false accusations and weaponize racism in this climate.
  • To fan the flames of the real suffering going on. It makes a mockery both the victims of racism and those working to dismantle it.
    She has Top 3 Priorities:
  • Good Governance: Reintroducing transparency, accountability, collaboration, and trust, as well as restoring integrity to the Elk Grove mayor's office.
  • COVID-19 Economic Recovery: Helping small businesses, protecting job growth, protecting our healthcare, finding solutions for struggling families, and looking for partnership opportunities to help Elk Grove survive and thrive.
  • Public Safety: Backing Elk Grove's strong police department with continued support and professional development opportunities so that officers have the tools to be successful in doing what they know how to do best