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Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak opens door for 3,000 more Indian graduates to work in UK as PM paves the way for trade deal in G20 talks with Narendra Modi

London, Nov. 16, 2022 A.Gary Singh

Rishi Sunak met with Narendra Modi today as he opened the door for 3,000 more Indians to live and work in Britain in an attempt to smooth the path for a trade deal.

The Prime Minister and his Indian counterpart held talks at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, as Mr Sunak conducted a flurry of international meetings.

He also held his first in-person discussion with US President Joe Biden since becoming PM, although a planned meeting with China's Xi Jinping was called off.

The final day of the G20 summit has been dominated by debates about how to respond to Russia's latest wave of missile strikes on Ukraine. World leaders have been left scrambling to clarify what happened after a missile also hit Nato member Poland and killed two people.

After talks with Mr Sunak, Mr Modi said his country 'attaches great importance to robust ties' with Britain.

The Indian PM added on Twitter:

'We discussed ways to increase commercial linkages, raise the scope of security cooperation in context of India’s defence reforms and make people-to-people ties even stronger.'

A reciprocal UK-India migration pact will begin early next year and allow degree-educated Indian students aged 18 to 30 to stay for up to two years. It will be seen as an attempt to get a trade treaty with India over the line, with ministers having been locked in talks since January.



NRI Rishi Sunak declared next leader
of UK Conservative Party, to become next PM

London, Oct 24, 2022 A.Gary Singh

Rishi Sunak will become Britain's next prime minister after he won the race to lead the Conservative Party, leaving him with the task of steering a deeply divided country through an economic downturn set to leave millions of people poorer.

He defeated centrist politician Penny Mordaunt, who failed to get enough backing from lawmakers to enter the ballot, while his rival, the former prime minister Boris Johnson, withdrew from the contest saying he could no longer unite the party.

Sunak, the 42-year-old former finance minister, becomes Britain's third prime minister in less than two months.Sunak, one of the wealthiest politicians in Westminster and set to be the country's first leader of colour, will be asked to form a government by King Charles, replacing Liz Truss, the outgoing leader who only lasted 44 days in the job before she resigned.



NRI Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt
in running to be next PM of UK

London, Oct 20, 2022 A.Gary Singh

Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt, two contenders in Britain's previous leadership contest this year, are believed to be in the running to become the nation's next prime minister following Liz Truss's resignation on Thursday.

Embattled British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Thursday resigned as the Conservative Party leader saying she can no longer deliver the mandate she was elected on last month, ending her tenure at 10 Downing Street in London after just 45 days in the job following an open revolt against her chaotic leadership.

The 47-year-old outgoing prime minister will stay in charge until her successor is elected by the governing Tory party, with a speeded-up leadership election to be completed by next week.


FINAL COUNTDOWN:  Voting for next Prime Minister closes
TODAY as Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak make final pleas for support

London, Sep 02, 2022 A.Gary Singh

The race to replace Boris Johnson as the Conservative Party leader and the British Prime Minister is in a final countdown stage on Friday, when voting officially closes for Tory members to choose between former Chancellor Rishi Sunak or Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

Sunak, 42, and Truss, 47, have gone head-to-head in a dozen hustings up and down the UK over the past month to win over the votes of an estimated 160,000 Tory electorate.

The winner of the online and postal ballots being cast since voting opened in early August will be announced on Monday, with the new leader heading for Scotland for an audience with the Queen at her summer residence of Balmoral Castle.


NRI Rishi Sunak Want to build two-way
relationship between India and UK

London, August 23, 2022 A.Gary Singh

NRI Rishi Sunak Prime Ministerial candidate of Britain, has said that he wants to make the India-United Kingdom relationship “more two-way”. Speaking at an event on Monday,

Sunak said

  • “We are all very aware of the opportunity for the UK to sell things and do things in India, but actually we need to look at that relationship differently because there is an enormous amount that we here in the UK can learn from India.”
  • “I want to make sure that it’s easy for our students to also travel to India and learn, that it’s also easy for our companies and Indian companies to work together because it’s not just a one-way relationship, it’s a two-way relationship, and that’s the type of change I want to bring to that relationship.”


Republican Hindu Coalition organisation endorses
NRI Rishi sunak next UK PM

London, August 10, 2022 A.Gary Singh

Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) organisation that caters to the Hindu-American community on Monday, endorsed former UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak to become Britain’s first Indian-origin Prime Minister.

The founding chairman of RHC and the former chairman of Indian American Advisory Board of ex-US president Donald Trump Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar appealed to the British Hindu community to vote for former British chancellor Rishi Sunak of Hindu faith for Prime Minister of UK, and the Conservative Tory leader

RHC said in a statement.

  • “We endorse Sunak not just because he is a Hindu but like the Republican Hindu Coalition, Sunak fully embraces our core values and its founding principles: The Four F’s: Free Enterprise with Limited Smaller Government, Fiscal Discipline, Family Values and Firm Foreign Policy - Sunak is a true champion of the conservative movement,”......Read More About RHC


Conservative Party voting for next UK PM delayed
after GCHQ hacking alert

London, August 03, 2022 A.Gary Singh

The race to become United Kingdom’s next Prime Minister was hit with an unexpected roadblock on Tuesday as the voting by the Conservative Party members had to be delayed. The decision was taken after reports from the GCHQ spy agency that cyber hackers were trying to change the ballots, according to The Telegraph. While the agency did not specify the source of the threat, they said that the process was vulnerable to cyber-attacks and advised against going forward with the process. 


NRI Rishi Sunak on winning streak as 5 left in UK PM race

London, July 14, 2022 A.Gary Singh

Conservative Party lawmakers in Britain knocked out one of the six remaining contenders Suella Braverman, the NRI Attorney General in the fray, shortlist with the least votes at 27.out of the contest to replace Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as front-runner NRI former Chancellor of the Exchequer in the British government Rishi Sunak worked to stave off momentum from surprise challenger Penny Mordaunt.

Sunak, who quit as Britain’s Treasury chief last week, got the most votes, 101, with junior trade minister Mordaunt a strong second with 83. Bookmaker Ladbrokes said Mordaunt was now the favorite to win the leadership election, followed by Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who got 64 votes.

Sunak has faced allegations he is out of touch with ordinary people’s struggles because of his wealth.
He is a former investment banker, and his wife is the daughter of the billionaire founder of Indian tech company Infosys.

Sunak told the BBC.

  • “I don’t judge people by their bank accounts. I judge them by their characters,” “And I think people can judge me by my actions over the past couple of years.”


Rishi Sunak launches bid to be UK’s Prime Minister

London, July 11, 2022 A.Gary Singh

NRI former Chancellor of the Exchequer in the British government Rishi Sunak on Friday formally launched his bid to become leader of the Conservative Party. If he succeeds, he will automatically become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

He tweeted: “I’m standing to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and your prime minister.” He added: “Let’s restore trust, rebuild the economy and reunite the country.” He also launched a website Sunak posted along with the tweet a three-minute video setting out his intentions. He said: “I got into politics because I want everyone in this country to have those same opportunities, to be able to give their children a better future.”


Rishi Sunak bookmakers' favourite to be UK Prime Minister

London, Jan 13, 2022 A.Gary Singh

Rishi Sunak, the Indian-origin Chancellor of the Exchequer, is tipped as the bookmakers' favourite to succeed the current incumbent Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The odds on Sunak are 9/4, a comparison site compiling prices from leading British bookmakers.

Liz Truss, the present Foreign Secretary, is second favourite at 22/5. The others in the running as per the betting opportunities are senior backbench MP and former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, who put up a good fight against Johnson in the Conservative party leadership contest in 2019. He is quoted at 11/1.

Sunak and Truss have been neck-and-neck for a while in public opinion surveys. On Wednesday, when Johnson tendered a conditional apology (because he apologised for the function, but not for his presence at it or for its illegality under prevailing legislation) in the House of Commons for his office holding a drinks party at his 10 Downing Street garden during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK in May 2020, Truss sat next to him, often nodding her head in support of the statement. On the other hand, the Chancellor was conspicuously absent from Parliament, 225 miles away from London in the south-western English county of Devon.....Read More


U.K. Treasury chief Rishi Sunak unveiled a
£30bn package to boost the Economy

London, March 13, 2020 A.Gary Singh

  • The Bank of England has announced an emergency cut in interest rates.
  • UK took bold steps to cushion the economic shock of the coronavirus outbreak

To protect the UK economy against the spreading coronavirus outbreak in what Chancellor Rishi Sunak said was the biggest fiscal boost to the UK in 30 years.
Sunak presented his budget to hundreds of lawmakers in the cramped House of Commons chamber by pledging £30bn to help "British people, British jobs and British businesses.
We are doing everything we can to keep this country and our people healthy and financially secure," Chancellor Rishi Sunak told MPs.

  • He also announced a £5bn emergency response fund to support the NHS and other public services in England
  • He mentioned about more than £600bn to be spent on roads, rail, broadband and housing by the middle of 2025.
  • Of the £30bn in extra spending, £12bn will be specifically targeted at coronavirus measures, including at least £5bn for the NHS in England and £7bn for business and workers across the UK.

Bank of England earlier reduced its key rate from 0.75% to 0.25% to help support businesses and people confidence.
Rishi Sunak said the government would refund the cost of sick pay to firms with less than 250 employees and would provide cheap loans for small businesses struggling because of the COVID-19 illness.

OBR, The Office for Budget Responsibility announced extra spending on government departments and investment represented the biggest Budget "giveaway" by adding around £100bn to public borrowing by 2024.



 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Appointed
NRI Rishi Sunak as finance minister

London, February 14, 2020 A.Gary Singh

NRI Rishi Sunak was appointed as the UK’s new finance minister by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a Cabinet reshuffle.
Rishi Sunak smiled as he entered the prime minister’s 10 Downing St. office on Thursday morning to meet Johnson. But a spokesman confirmed soon after that Javid had quit, according to France 24 News Media.
The government announced that he would be replaced by Rishi Sunak, who was previously a deputy to Javid at the Treasury. Javid’s resignation follows reports he had clashed with Johnson’s powerful adviser, Dominic Cummings.



Infosys founder Murthy’s son-in-law Rishi Sunak elected to UK parliament

Rishi Sunak’s father is a doctor (NHS family GP) and mother ran her own local chemist shop. He lives in Kirby Sigston, just outside Northallerton. He was fighting a seat vacated by William Hague, who was Britain’s foreign minister.

Rishi study at Winchester College, Oxford University and Stanford University. He is a school governor, a board member of a large youth club, and have always volunteered his time to education programs that spread opportunity.

He co-founded a large investment firm, working with companies from Silicon Valley to Bangalore and help small and entrepreneurial British companies grow successfully.

He met his wife, Akshata, in California where he lived for a number of years before returning home. They have two daughters, Krishna and Anoushka,

Sunak is a son-in-law of N.R. Narayana Murthy, one of the founders of the Indian software giant Infosys. N.R. Narayana Murthy, net worth $1.85 Billion , founded Infosys in 1981

Murthy happy over son-in-law’s win in British poll

Bengaluru, May 8, 2015: Infosys co-founder N.R. Narayana Murthy on Friday expressed happiness that his son-in-law Rishi Sunak, of the Conservatives, had been elected to the British parliament in the general elections, in his maiden electoral foray.

“I am very happy that Rishi has won convincingly in Richmond – Yorks with such a majority,” Murthy told IANS over e-mail.

Noting Sunak, 34, and his daughter Akshata, 35, worked very hard during the campaign, Murthy said they both succeeded in communicating his merit, integrity and vision for his constituency in Yorkshire.

“He (Sunak) has big shoes to fill since he is succeeding William Hague. I am positive that he will do well as a MP,” he said.

Hague was British foreign minister until last year.

Among the 10 Indian-origin lawmakers of the Conservative Party in the new House of Commons, Sunak is the only first-time MP as nine of the outgoing MPs were re-elected barring Paul Uppal who lost in Wolverhampton South West in the West Midlands.

Sunak married Akshata here on August 30, 2009. They both were fellow MBA students at Stanford University.



1. Keith Vaz-Leicester East, who has been an MP from 1987. Keith Vaz: “I am absolutely delighted. I have served them for 27 years and they have given me the huge privilege of an extension of another five.”
2. Keith Vaz’s sister Valerie Vaz-Walsall South
3. Priti Patel-Witham, was a junior minister
4. Virendra Sharma-Ealing Southall
5. Seema Malhotra-Feltham & Heston
6. Alok Sharma-Reading West
7. Shailesh Vara- Cambridgeshire North West, another junior minister who has been an MP since 2005.
8. Sajid Javid-Bromsgrove, who was minister for culture, media and sport in the outgoing cabinet
9. Lisa Nandy-Wigan, who is half Indian-half English
Paul Uppal, Conservative party of Wolverhampton South West in the West Midlands of England, lost by a margin of 800 votes in a constituency with a large presence of Sikhs from India.