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PM Trudeau

PM Trudeau Alleges Chinese Meddling as Canadians Determine Election Outcomes

Los Angeles/Apr 11, 2024 A.Gary Singh

Trudeau Stands Firm: Defending Canada's Election Integrity Amid Foreign Interference Inquiry

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has staunchly defended the integrity of Canada's last two elections, asserting that they were conducted freely and fairly, solely decided by Canadian citizens. The ongoing public inquiry, primarily focused on investigating claims of foreign interference in Canadian politics, has spotlighted allegations of meddling by China and India.

According to a briefing document from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), China is purported to have clandestinely interfered in both the 2019 and 2021 federal elections. Allegations include coercion of international students to support specific candidates, such as former Liberal member of parliament Han Dong, who has denied any involvement in Chinese political interference.

The inquiry has also delved into claims that China funded a charter bus in 2019 to transport Chinese international students to bolster support for Mr. Dong's party nomination. While Prime Minister Trudeau acknowledged being made aware of such evidence by CSIS, he stressed the sensitive nature of intelligence information, often requiring further verification.

Trudeau emphasized that while irregularities may warrant investigation, they might not meet the threshold for overturning democratic outcomes. Similarly, allegations of opaque financial contributions from China and illicit support from a proxy of India's government have surfaced, both vehemently denied by the accused countries.

The push for the inquiry gained momentum in 2022 following leaked intelligence reports suggesting foreign interference in Canadian affairs. Despite these revelations, Trudeau underscored that there is no evidence suggesting the outcomes of the general elections were compromised.

Former Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, in a recorded interview presented to the committee, revealed that while briefed on allegations surrounding Mr. Dong's nomination race, he was not alarmed as the claims were not firmly substantiated. The interim report from the commission is anticipated early next month, providing further insights into the inquiry's findings