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Harjinder Thind, a well-known talk show host and producer on Red-FM, Surrey, BC, CANADA


All NRI problems are aired on Harjinder Thind's groundbreaking radio show


It's odd, but sometimes people just don't look like they sound. Harjinder Thind, the host and producer of a popular talk show on Red FM, where his skillful interviewing and hard hitting style creates a show that is unique in Punjabi media. Thind is a leader in shaping opinion in the South Asian community through his thoughtful commentary. They ring in with dilemmas and stories that, as Thind himself puts it, 'take in everything.

It's easy to see how some listeners might have a love-hate relationship with Thind's show. It is addictive, with people ringing up from all over the city to throw light on the darkest corners of their private lives.

He receives calls from NRIs who have been social, educational and cultural problems, as well as people who can't find the courage to admit to their families and friends that they are wrong, or who feel so lonely that their lives aren't worth living.

Harjinder Thind was born and raised in district Ludhiana, Punjab. He got a law degree from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He is an asset to South Asian Broadcasting Corporation Inc., who has also proven to be a great asset to 'Des Pardes' and 'Phulkari.'

Harjinder Thind was immigrated to Canada in 1979, settled in Castlegar, BC. Almost after 20 years, he moved to Surrey and involved in local and international organizations by his volunteer work. He received the prestigious Queens Jubilee Medal.

Harjinder, is a diverse and versatile personality. He is strongly individualistic, a master communicator, deep listener, he expresses himself in a concise and powerful way, thereby he commands the respect of many.

Magnetism, depth of knowledge, intellectual ingenuity, humble demeanor are some characteristics that have contributed to his lasting success.

His love for Punjabi literature and poetry, and advocacy for correct pronunciation, has inspired the community to maintain a high standard of excellence in Punjabi. Harjinder is very proud of his heritage and an excellent ambassador who works to preserve the Punjabi language and culture. He provides an excellent bridge between the Punjabi and Western culture. He has been recognized by NRI community.


A well-known talk show host and producer on Red-FM, Mr. Harjinder Thind