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  • Traditionally, jewelry represents a symbol of prestige, wealth and power. Jewelry has the ability to highlight women's personality and bring out the best features when wearing the right jewelry for the right occasion. However, overdoing it by wearing too much jewelry can totally ruin a perfect outfit.
  • Although in earlier times jewellery was created for more practical uses, such as wealth storage and pinning clothes together, in recent times it has been used almost exclusively for decoration. The first pieces of jewellery were made from natural materials, such as bone, animal teeth, shell, wood, and carved stone.
  • Buy Necklace: The major reason for most people to wear necklace is that necklace is a beautiful adornment. . For example, Native American people wear turquoise necklaces, for they believe that turquoise is pieces from heaven and can bring them good luck; Christians wear cross pendant on their neck for their religious belief in Christ.
  • March 12, 2020: Gold biggest drop in nearly 7 years: For the week, it was down about 6.7% - the biggest since June 2013. Spot gold was down 0.9% to $1,562.30 an ounce
  • Diamond Industry : Coronavirus brings unprecedented disruption to diamond industry as US retail, India manufacturing and South Africa mining shut down. $2 trillion stimulus will inject liquidity into US economy and relieve stress among small businesses.
  • Diamond sales in China have collapsed since the outbreak of the virus as shoppers stay home. De Beers, the biggest diamond miner, said sales fell by more than a third last week, from its first sale of the year in January.
  • India is the world’s largest centre for cutting and polishing of rough diamonds, and it is said that 14 out of every 15 rough diamonds produced are polished here. Surat is the hub for cutting, polishing and processing rough diamonds and 85 per cent of the stones are exported.




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Australian Jewellery Sales Insights: Trends and Analysis

Analysis of data collected from more than 400 independent retailers revealed that sales in March declined by 5 per cent on a year-on-year comparison and 7 per cent on a two-year comparison. Retail Edge general manager Leon Van Megen said that measuring against any month in 2022 and early 2023 is a comparison with what’s known as the ‘COVID-19 bubble’...Read More

Ongoing Developments Unfold in Wake of Sydney Jewellery Store Robbery

A Sydney jeweller who is accused of orchestrating the robbery of his own store will remain in custody after a judge stated that he had a ‘strong’ motive to commit the crime. Michel Germani is accused of staging a robbery at his Sydney CBD store in January 2022, when an employee was allegedly tied to a chair and threatened...Read More

Sparkling Resilience: Russian Diamond Sales Surge Despite Economic Sanctions

The company achieved sales of RUB322.57 billion ($AUD5.39 billion) for the past year. Profit decreased by 15 per cent. The increase in revenue comes despite the implementation of European Union and G7 sanctions on the import of Russian diamonds. The second stage of the ban came into effect on 1 March. The prohibition of direct import of Russian diamonds began on 1 January...Read More

Conflict in Ukraine: Russian diamond sanctions saga continues

In a determination dated 8 February, OFAC deputy director Lisa Palluconi states that diamonds extracted, produced, or manufactured wholly or in part in the Russian Federation are prohibited from importation into the US. The prohibitions apply to non-industrial diamonds weighing one carat or greater from 1 March and non-industrial diamonds weighing 0.5 carat or greater from 1 September.....Read More

International Jewellery Fair: Change is inevitable, progress is optional

In the blink of an eye, the International Jewellery Fair has come and gone for another year with exhibitors and visitors alike departing Darling Harbour with a clearer picture of the state of the industry. The opening day was enthusiastically frantic, with visitors spilling through the entrance to take in the latest products and designs. At 5 pm when the traditional happy hour commenced in the centre of the venue, one could be forgiven for expecting the trading to slow; however, spirited negotiations continued with a glass of champagne.....Read More

Weakened demand impacts De Beers sales

De Beers, the world’s largest diamond mining company, finalised $US410 million in provisional sales for the period ending 20 December. That figure was an improvement on a year-on-year comparison after achieving just $US336 million in sales 2021, however, it was a decline from the previous cycle ($US454 million)......Read More

Diamond Foundry purchases Germany's Audiatec

Audiatec was established in 2015 and is based in Germany, creating diamond wafers which are used in jewellery and manufacturing. Audiatec uses CVD (chemical vapor deposition) to create diamonds in monocrystalline form on disks. "We had a good feeling about a possible cooperation with Diamond Foundry right from the first talks," said Audiatec CEO Stefan Gsell.......Read More


Luxury watch prices slump, US sales down

The price of used luxury watches has declined for the first time in two years. According to the latest report from Idex, the state of the stock market, widespread decline in cryptocurrency value, as well as rises in interest rates and inflation, has led to the drop in price. The report identifies a decrease in the resale value of the Rolex... Read More

See Pop Star Ariana Grande’s Unusual Engagement Ring

Last year, the actress announced her engagement, as one does, on Instagram, showcasing a Kataoka pearl ring on that finger.
Now, a year later, pop juggernaut Ariana Grande has done the same, albeit more coyly sandwiching the ring pics in an Instagram carousel of photos showing her alongside her boyfriend of about a year, luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez.........Read More

The Future of Gems and Jewelry industry after the pandemic where are we heading next?

Despite the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, life goes on. As the restrictions have started to ease, many business sectors, including the gems and jewelry industry, have adjusted themselves to the new normal. But what will the industry look like in the future?......Read More

In a time when we are all stuck at home day dreaming of far-flung adventures, one writer finds solace in the accessories she collected as travel souvenirs. Some people bring home magnets, key chains and maps from their travels; I bring home accessories. Floral scarves, beaded headbands, colorful hats, kitschy coin purses. But more than anything else, I bring home jewelry......Read More


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