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Riverside Gurdwara


Riverside Gurdwara celebrated 301 Gur Gaddhi Diwas and Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Parkash Diwas

Los Angeles, Nov.13, 2011

Around 4000 Sikhs from Riverside County and Los Angeles area get together in Riverside Gurdwara to celebrate 301 Gur Gaddhi Diwas and Guru Nanak Dev Ji Parkash Diwas with the help of various other Gurdwaras in Los Angeles area.

The program started around 8.00am with Gurbani  kirtan, recited by various ragi jathas and Riverside Gurdwara School childrens. They praised the Lord and brief history was narrated on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s life by Pinderpal ji katha vachak, and by Bhai Inderjeet  Singh  Ankhi  Dhaddi Vara . The main hall was packed with Sangath. Devotees had to wait in lines to pay respect to Guru Granth Sahib. It was a beautiful.

There were over different kind of foods, including various Indian Sweets, Chhole Puri, Cold Drinks, Tea, Vegetable Pakora, Jalebi, Ladou and of course Guru Ka Langar was served all day  long. The volunteers were taking part in serving the langar and other activities

The Nagar Kirtan started with Panj Piyaras who walk in front of the Sacred Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Panj Piyaras are Amritdhari Khalsa Singhs, move through the streets (2.5 miles long) and are accompanied by music, singing and chanting scriptures and hymns. Large number of devotees including women, school children, band parties and members of various Sikh religious organizations. This is the sixth Nagar Kirtan held in Inland Empire by Riverside Gurdwara.

The Nagar Kirtan is concluded as the Sacred Guru Granth Sahib Ji enters the Gurdwara and the whole Sadh Sangat stands still for the Ardaas . The Sadh Sangat cover their heads and this is a significant sign of respect to the presence of our Sacred Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The color Orange dress is in honor of the Khalsa Panth, as the Panj Piyaras were robed in Orange, this is the color of the Khalsa.

The Gurudwara , Riverside was very pleased by the support of the sangat of southern California and will continue to celebrate major Sikh events in order to spread the awareness about the Sikhism and Punjabi community in Southern California.





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