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Harkishan Vasa


Harkishan Vasa

Mr. Vasa came to the USA from Mumbai, India in 1967, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

In 1968, he got his Masters degree in Computer Sciences and Industrial Engineering in 1968 from West Virginia University, Mr. Vasa worked at Union Carbide and at Dialog Computing.

In 1980, Mr. Vasa relocated to Los Angeles where he set up a business unit named Pacific Decision Sciences Corp (PDSC) and in 1983, he purchased the PDSC business unit and became President and CEO of PDSC.

PDSC started expanding rapidly under Mr. Vasa’s leadership and Mr. Vasa then set up several offices and relationships for PDSC in various countries including in Santa Ana USA (HQ), Florida-USA, UK, Singapore, and India. Under Mr. Vasa’s leadership, PDSC carried out over $100 Million of projects in Customer Service, Info Tech, and consulting services for various major corporations. In 2000, Mr. Vasa sold the PDSC business to Applied Digital and continued to work there as President of PDSC through the end of Dec 2002.

From 2003 through 2007, Mr. Vasa worked on several non-profit community services activities to help Indo-American communities.

  • Founding Director and major donor to Indo-American Cultural center: Mr. Vasa was a founding Director and major donor to Indo-American Cultural center (Since then renamed Artwallah.
  • Mr. Vasa is a founding director of Friends of Sardar Patel Award Association where $250K endowment fund was set up from several donors to give out annual awards. Founding director of Indo American Senior Heritage Group: Mr. Vasa is a founding director of Indo American Senior Heritage Group, which provides variety of community services to people over the age of 50. Mr. Vasa is also very active and Director of Jain Center of Southern California.
  • Mr. Vasa is also a founding Director of Anekant Community Center which provides a variety of community services worldwide.

·       During October 2007, Mr. Vasa set up a new business, Vasa Business Services (VBS). VBS will provide various services including raising money for businesses, Merger/Acquisitions, Set up collaborations and technology transfer, provide marketing and sales guidance, consult top level management to help them with business expansion globally and outsourcing services.

 Mr. Vasa resides in North Tustin and is married to Kusum since 1970. Mr. Vasa has two daughters (Anita, Sarita) both are married.