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Why domain names dot-com so important?

People will sometimes ask you "What's your URL?". URL is an acronym for Universal Resource Locator, but is often used interchangeably with domain name, Internet address, or web address. Selecting a domain name, or web address, is the most important task you will undertake when developing for your website.

  • The golden rule of selecting a good name is short is sweet.
  • Domain name can contain are letters, numbers, and hyphens. Spaces and other special characters are not allowed. Domain names are not case-sensitive, so and are the same name, and can never point to different sites.
  • Although hyphens are allowed in domains, there is a golden rule to follow here: It's OK to register a name with hyphens in, but only if you also register the hyphen-free version.

Two main reasons:

  • A catchy and memorable name helps people remember it.
  • A well name will enable you to attract people through the search engines

    The bottom line is that a good domain name can go a long way toward generating traffic to your Web site and building your reputation. It means more customers and better sales.

In 1999, the year of the big dot-com boom. Everybody was feeling that there were huge sums of money to be made from the web dot-com. There was a huge land grab for virtually all words in the English dictionary, plus every other combination of words people could think of. Most of these sites were never developed, but domains were often priced at huge prices. As good dot-coms become more and more scarce, the demand and prices for premium domain names has continued to increase.

As good dot-coms become more and more scarce, the demand and prices for premium domain names has continued to increase.

Premium domains are high quality domain names that are for sale and only available in the secondary domain market.They have excellent marketing and branding value, but also serve as an investment.

When domains like fetched $7.5 million, valuations for key domains have definitely begun to elevate to demonstrate their importance to business and organizations all over the world."

Few years back, we saw an explosion of growth for the secondary domain marketplace, as more organizations purchased the ideal domain name to drive their brand. Even people have dot-com, they also start booking dot-net, dot-org, dot-cc, dot-us and under countries name.

But dot-com never be forgotton, people become tired of secondary domains and big confussion for general public. Domain name sales in 2005-2006 shows that business presence on the Internet is stronger than ever.

Lousy name: The name will always reduce the number of visitors and customers to your website. Sure, you can still run a successful online business with a lousy name, but your business will always do better with a good name. And what happens when a competitor comes along with a much better name?

Domain names Length: The golden rule of selecting a good name must be short and it will be sweet. It can be up to sixty seven characters in length, but there is no sense to be lengthy name because no body like to remeber it and type it. The idea is to create domain names that people can easily remember, and just as easily type into their browser.

NRI domains are becoming very popular for the past 3 years. Rarely you can get any dot-com name with attachment of NRI

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