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Asian Indian community in New York demands to stop violence in Manipur; asks Center for stern action.

Los Angeles, California, June 27, 2023 Ramesh/ Gary Singh

A group of concerned from the Indian American Community met regarding all the violence happening in Manipur, India, at Santoor Restaurant on Saturday, June 24, 2023. Dr. Anna George, Associate Professor at Molloy University, led the meeting. The program was attended by about 23 eminent community leaders of various organizations and Humanitarians who expressed genuine concerns regarding Manipur violence and the fate of Christians in Manipur.

 After the self-introduction, Dr. George addressed the gathering and voiced her serious concerns regarding the violence happening in Manipur. She stated that regardless of whether the victims of these horrific riots are Christians or not, we should help them because of humanitarian concerns. "What is taking place in Manipur is horrible violations of human rights and religious freedom," Dr. George added. She pointed out that over 200 churches were burnt down, about 100 or more people were killed, and about 80,000 people were displaced. "They are finding shelter in the forest; they have no homes to return to, so we must decide to do something to help the victims in Manipur ." Dr. George implored the gathering.

 Mr. George Abraham spoke in detail about the suffering of the Christians in the Kuki tribal community who have been primarily targeted. He also stated that the churches in the Meitei villages were burnt down, which shows that they specifically target Christians. He went on to say that the government appears to be neither helping to quell the riots nor providing adequate shelter, food, and medicines to those who have become refugees in their own homeland.

Dr. Anna George requested all the participants to think and come up with ideas on how we can help the victims in Manipur and stop the violence by putting pressure on the government. Many who attended the meeting came up with suggestions to help victims of this horrific disaster. Ms. Annie Sabu stated that we should seek the help of legislature and political officials here to make Americans aware of the human rights violations happening in Manipur. Ms. Bessy Thangavelu stated that we should reach out to Indian Christian leaders and church officials in the US who will be able to mobilize supporters to raise awareness regarding this issue and together formulate a plan of action.

 The meeting passed a resolution condemning all the violence and noted that the rioters' objective appeared to be the ethnic cleansing of Christians from their tribal land. Participants expressed their shock and surprise at the slow walk by the central government to arrest and punish these radical elements, which are on the loose. Most of the participants are convinced that the burning of the Churches in Meitei's heartland proves that the destruction of properties belonging to Christians and ethnic cleansing appears to be part of the larger agenda of those who are perpetrating these heinous crimes in Manipur.

 The meeting also decided to create further awareness and influence decision-makers on the nature of these riots and expose the vicious agenda practiced by those in power today, violating the oath they have taken to uphold constitutional values. There will also be a fundraising effort to help the people in Manipur who have lost their homes and everything their own and will also cooperate with other organizations in joint efforts. Mr. Koshy George, the President of the Federation of Indian Christian Organizations in North America (FIACONA), lauded the initiative and appreciated those who have come forward and pledged his support to help the cause.

 Mr. V.M. Chacko, Raju Abraham, John Joseph, Biju Chacko, John Joseph, Joshua Jayasingh, Gajendran Ganesan, Mary Philip, Mathew P Thomas, and Dr. Leno Thomas also spoke. And voiced their concerns regarding the atrocities happening in Manipur and gave many practical suggestions to help the victims and combat the issues.