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NRI & Indian Congress Leaders REVAMPED Indian Overseas Congress in USA

Los Angeles, California, April 05, 2023 Ramesh/ Gary Singh

Sam Pitroda, Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, revamps the organization in the USA.

Addressing a charged-up group of Indian Overseas Congress USA leaders from all over the USA who were assembled at a special meeting in New York on April 1, 2023, Dr. Sam Pitroda emphasized the importance of recalibrating collaborative efforts to canvass, educate, and respond to to the electorate in India on what they are looking for from their elected representatives. At this time, he has appointed five new working presidents to cover the five zones that he had delineated of the USA for this purpose as follows:

Working President, North-East Zone - Mr. Pradeep Samala.
Working President, South-East Zone - Dr. Sajan Kurian
Working President, South-West Zone - Mr. Srivatsa Ramanathan
Working President, Mid-West Zone - Mr. Kulraj S. Grewal
Working President, West Coast Zone. - Mr. Devenderpal S. Bhullar

Other Changes/Appointments:
Vice-President, Community Liaison - Mr. Rajendar Dichpally
Chairman, Disciplinary Committee, - Mr. Gurmit Gill
Chairman, Membership Committee, - Mr. Nikhil Thagadur   
Chairman, Social Media Committee, - Mr. Avinash Dandiya
General Secretary, - Mr. Sandeep Vangala
General Secretary, - Mr. Balinder Singh Kundu 

President Mohinder Singh Gilzian expressed gratitude to all the leaders who came from all over the USA. He also praised the vision and the valuable guidance of Dr. Sam Pitroda ji, who is respected as a great visionary leader. George Abraham, the Vice-Chair, congratulated all the new appointees and thanked them for their dedication to the cause.
Pradeep Samala, IOC Working President In charge North East Region stated that as a Working President, he would work towards building IOC chapters across the Northeast region with the guidance of IOC global Chairman Sam Pitroda ji, IOC USA president Mohinder Ji and other leaders. "At this crucial juncture, it is very critical to bring NRIs & PIOs into the IOC fold and work for the betterment of the country," Mr. Samala added.

Mr. Kulraj Singh Grewal, IOC Working President In Charge Mid-West Region, said, "Thank you very much to our IOC Chairman Sam Pitroda ji, and IOC USA president Mohinder Singh Gilzian ji for giving me this opportunity. I promise to fight for the party with everything I have and meet every expectation that you have of me."

Rajender Dichpally, IOC Vice-President for Community Relations, said that there was a need to work with the Indian organizations to find common goals away from the religious and biased approach adopted by HSS and other right-aligned forces in the USA so that we can strengthen the forces of secularism and help promote values of love, tolerance and progressive approach, which the congress party stands for. He said the message Rahul took to all of India during his Bharat Jodo Yatra should be the basis of finding common ground with Indian organizations and diaspora. We should unite the forces in the fight to save the idea of India.

John Joseph, IOC Vice-President, said, " India is no longer a true democracy; MLAs and MPs are bought for a price as the BJP leaders are perpetual liars - it looks like someone writes the script, and all of them echo the same. BJP has become the government for a few Business houses, and the common man is neglected and ignored - when the Indian currency is losing its value, the finance minister says that it is not true the Dollar is gaining! If we have people of such caliber, how will India face the economic downcall (Crash ) that is expected soon? We need a government that cares for the common man - the neglected/oppressed and squeezed beyond tolerance. Rahul Gandhi is the only one who can turn it around, and Congress is the only party that really cares for India. Let us unite and remove the party that is abusing power in 2024."

Mr. Balinder Singh Kundu, IOC General Secretary said, "Parliament Elections in India are around the corner; we have to unify IOC globally to support the party in our home states; our leader Rahul Gandhi ji gave us a great tool "weapons" in the form of Bhat Joddo Yatra and Hath se Hath Joddo going on now, we have to promote his Agenda "Nafrat ke Bazar m Mohbet ke dukan kholege" We have to sound in unison.

Gurmit Gill, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, said, "we need to support Rahul Gandi in the upcoming 2024 election; he is our only chance to save democracy in India".

Avi Dandia, Chairman of the Social Media Committee, said, " I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Sam Pitroda and Mr. Mohinder Singh of overseas congress for appointing me as chairman of social media ( US chapter) with independent charge."