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January 2009


Corruption is promoted from the top and not the bottom!!!
By Jassi Khangura MLA

Mr Sukhbir Badal, MP
Deputy Chief Minister

25 January 2009

Dear Sukhbir,

Corruption is promoted from the top and not the bottom!!!

Congratulations on your assumption of the new post. I am certain that you will bring to the Punjab Vidhan Sabha all the highlights of your illustrious Parliamentary career, including your industrious work rate, your exemplary attendance record, and your frequent barrage of questions, together with your great wit, sharp intelligence and incisive mind.

All politicians assuming a new post are entitled to a honeymoon period, but I am surprised that you are utilising your best endeavours to ensure that this is as short as possible.

Your recent statements that “corruption starts from the bottom” and is “largely at lower levels” could not be further from the truth.

As every socio-economic expert will tell you: corruption starts from the top and with the passage of time it becomes institutionalised primarily by the acts and failings of our political leaders to the extent that soon a well entrenched system emerges which funnels the gains of corruption across all strata of the administration from bottom to top.

If you truly want to reduce corruption in Punjab you need to start at the top by:

1. controlling the actions of your Council of Ministers and senior officers by reducing their discretionary powers creating greater transparency in their working
2. making your administration satisfy all RTI requests within the stipulated time frame
3. ensuring that all government procurement is by an e-enabled tender process
4. setting up a Punjab Public Servant Transfer Commission, which will be responsible for the posting and transfer of all gazetted officers
5. ensuring that your administration complies in a time-bound manner with the finite orders of the judiciary.
6. enforcing a concurrent independent audit on all government expenditure and revenue collection
7. publishing on the internet all file proceedings and notes relating to each and every CLU request

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Most importantly, as the Deputy Chief Minister you can lead by example by:

1. not only being honest but also being universally perceived as being honest
2. rejecting an ostentatious life style that mirrors all the trappings of royalty
3. ensuring that no tainted officer is accommodated in your support team nor has access to you
4. rejecting all approaches from drug peddlers, land grabbers and looters of the public purse
5. publish weekly source and application statements of your party of which you continue to be the President
6. swearing at the Harmandir Sahib that, henceforth, all of your actions will be above board, honest and beyond scrutiny.

I wish you well but I fear that you may fall short of public expectations

Manish exhorts youth to constructive work

Jan 25, 2009
Pawan Dewan

All India Congress Committee spokesman and secretary, Manish Tewari today called upon the youth to involve themselves with the creative and productive activity. He cautioned them against the menace of the growing drug addiction and said it was very important to curb this menace.

Speaking at a function organized here today to select the Mr Ludhiana during a body building contest, Tewari appreciated the efforts of the organizers in organizing constructive activities for the youth. He maintained that the body building was one of the great athletic activity and promised to do everything to give it its due place in the competitive sports.

In a special praise to Prem Chand Dogra, a former Mr World who was also present on the occasion, the Congress spokesman said, at one time he happened to be his and others' inspiration. He said, it was really a matter of great pride for the Punjabi youth to develop the physical prowess which gives one an added confidence to do everything and confront every problem with courage.

The function was organized by Punjab State Amateur Body Building Association. Prominent among those present on the occasion included the chairman of the Ludhiana chapter, Samil Kaushal, general secretary Sukhdev Sodhi, Pradeep Kumar Appu, Kapil Katyar and others.

Corruption begins from the top,
a detailed probe of the assets of politicians, beaurocrats and senior police officers would reveal the truth.

Jan 23, 2009
Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA Bholath

Today's statement of Sukhbir Singh Badal smacks of hypocrisy and a double facetted character, when he speaks on curbing corruption. I relate this to a very popular Punjabi couplet "Chaj tan bole, chanani kyun bole". "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others". Needless to remind him that he along with his family stand charge sheeted in a very serious Prevention of Corruption Act in a Mohali court.

I also challenge Sukhbir Badal's assertion that there is corruption only at the lower, level that is being said by him presuming, that he is now hiding behind the veil of the office of the Deputy CM and people probably cannot see his corrupt character. Badal's have been the fountain head of corruption in Punjab. S. Prakash Singh Badal was indicted by the Shinghani Commission immediately after his first tenure as Chief Minister Punjab. Since then there has been no looking back, from being ordinary farming family with a holding of 80 Ares of land, the Badals now command properties and business running into thousands of crores with Jet Airplanes at their command. The entire transport, mining and cable network business has been usurped by the Badal family not to mention acquiring lands around all prominent upcoming projects such as upgradation of Chandigarh International Airport and six laning express highways in the State.

Infact there is no point catching Patwaris, Naib Tehsildars and junior police officials if you have to curb corruption. Corruption begins from the top, a detailed probe of the assets of politicians, beaurocrats and senior police officers would reveal the truth. Most beaurocrats and the top police brass and politicians are even richer than the corporate industrial house of Punjab.

Therefore if Sukhbir Singh Badal really means business in curbing corruption in the State it should start from home. The Congress party urges both S. Prakash Singh Badal and S. Sukhbir Singh Badal to step down as CM and Dy. CM and set exemplary moral standards in politics. To remind the BJP, their alliance partners, Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav the then CM Bihar was forced to quit as CM when charges were framed against him in the fodder scam case. Where is the morality of BJP now, aren't both these leaders charge sheeted in a corruption case? Let Sukhbir Singh Badal clear the mist on this vital issue raised by the principle opposition Congress party.

Tewari ridicules pro farmers' claims of SAD

Jan 24, 2009
Manish Tewari

Secretary and spokesman of the All India Congress Committee, Manish Tewari today ridiculed the claims of the Shiromani Akali Dal-Bharitya Janata Party government in the state of being "pro farmers". Addressing a series of meetings in different villages in the assembly segments of Jagaron, Dakha and Raikote, Tewari said the SAD-BJP alliance had never ever bothered about the interest of the farmers and were only interested in surviving in power.

Tewari pointed out, the BJP led National Democratic Alliance at the centre, of which SAD was part and parcel, had increased the Minimum Support Price for farmers by a meager Rs 30, while the Congress in just four years had enhanced it by Rs 300. Moreover, he added, even in the state farmers were not being given timely payment and the corruption was rampant.

Tewari lambasted the SAD-BJP government for non performance and wasting all the progress made during Congress tenure. "Corruption has been institutionalized as transport permits, TV cable network operations and sand mining has been grabbed through unlawful means monopolized by leading Akali families of the state", he alleged, while adding, "corruption has peaked and law of the land is flouted with impunity".

He observed, it was a matter of great pride for each and every Punjabi that the Congress chose a Sikh and the son of the soil, Dr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister of India. He pointed out, under the leadership of Dr Singh and Ms Sonia Gandhi, Congress has provided clean and efficient governance in the last five years and has been able to insulate Indian economy from the collapse of world economy.

He asserted the need to return Congress to power at the centre to continue the pace of progress in India. During the NDA regime every two months news paper were littered with news of corruption, nepotism and internal dissentions and their slogan of India Shining was rejected by the voters as the progress was limited to few wealthy and mighty.

Today Tewari Hatur, Burj Kular, Chakar, Lakha,Manuke ,Cheema, Kaunke, Chajawal and other villages and addressed jam packed congregations. He was accompanied by Gurdeep Singh Bhaini MLA Jagraon, Harmohinder Singh MLA Raikot, Malkiat Singh Dakha Former Minister, K.K.Bawa Chairman Housfed Punjab, Pritam Akhara, Inderjit Jhanji, Major Singh Bhaini, Kamaljit Singh Brar, Pawan Dewan, Kaka Grewal, Raman Kumar , Ramandeep Khera and Akshya Bhanot.

'Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people'
but for the Badal's it is for the Badal's, of the Badal's and by the Badal's.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA Bholath

The Badal's have reversed the most popular quote about democracy as described by Abraham Lincoln, the legendary American President, when he said 'Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people' but for the Badal's it is for the Badal's, of the Badal's and by the Badal's. This is abundantly clear from the past two years of complete family misrule in Punjab. The lust for power, money and family control is such that not content with having his father as Chief Minister and over half dozen relatives as Minister's, Mr. Sukhbir Badal is impatient to become Dy. Chief Minister if not Chief Minister as for now.

We are witnessing a power struggle in Punjab, that reminds us of Mughal Empire when Aurangzeb imprisoned his father Shah Jahan to become the Mughal emperor of India. After becoming SAD President Mr. Sukhbir Badal seems to be moving on the lines of the erstwhile Mughal emperor Aurangzeb to take over the reigns of power from his beleaguered father.

Infact it is a mark of complete lack of confidence even by the rank and file of Akali Dal when we read statements from different quarters of the party demanding that Mr. Sukhbir Badal should be made Chief Minister at the earliest. At present Punjab is witnessing five different power centres and that too all from one and only one Badal family. Besides the old and tired Mr. Badal, Mr. Sukhbir Badal has been virtually acting as the De-facto Chief Minister , Bibi Harsimrat Badal has launched her own 'Nanhi –Chan' programme which is less to do with plantation drive more to do with Bathinda Lok Sabha seat. Bibi Surinder Kaur Badal has started her 'Langar Sewa' drive trying to show as if there is dearth in 'langar' which was started by the second Guru Angad DevJi. Last but not the least Sukhbir's brother in law Bikram Majithia is the trouble shooter and fixer boy of the family. He has opened the coffers of the public exchequer through his Public Relations department to promote the entire Badal clan. The way we see utter misuse of his department by way of full page advertisements of similar public gathering each day it seems that the name of his department should be changed from Public Relations to Badal relations.

Punjab is passing through extreme financial crises, with no electricity, rampant corruption, murder of democracy in the recently held PRI elections, unparalleled political victimization and gross unconstitutional and illegitimate working. Therefore the Congress party calls upon the electorate to root out the Akali's in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections by defeating them in all the 13 seats, so that semblance of the rule of law can be restored in Punjab.

Following is the text of letter written to Sh. Sharad Pawar food Minister GOI to complain printing of photograph of CM and Adesh Pratap Kairon on bonus cheques being issued to farmers of Punjab. Rs. 50 per quintal bonus as we know is being paid by the UPA Govt. on the previous paddy crop.

To Dated 13/01/09

Sh. Sharad Pawar ji,

Food and Civil Supplies Minister,

Govt. of India.

Subject: - Action against wrongful display of photographs of CM and Food& Civil Supplies Minister Punjab on cheques being issued for Rs 50 per quintal bonus of paddy crop in Punjab.

Dear Sir,

As you are aware that 1 lac 31 thousand metric tonnes of paddy crop was purchased by various agencies in Punjab recently. As an act of magnanimity and a good relief measure, Govt. of India not only hiked the price of paddy but also announced a bonus of Rs. 50 per quintal. As a result approx. Rs 650 crores has been distributed to the farmers of Punjab on account of bonus alone. Now that Lok Sabha elections are around the corner the State SAD-BJP Govt. has resorted to unethical, immoral and cheap politicking to woo the voters of Punjab.

Both the CM Punjab and the Food and Civil Supplies Minister Punjab have got their photographs printed on the bonus cheques being issued to the farmers alongwith a political message (Copies of Cheque with photos attached). The Congress party being the principal opposition party in the State strongly objects to this political gimmickry being played by Mr. Badal at the cost of UPA's policies. Recently the Punjab Govt. also got huge advertisements in all major newspapers of State claiming the recent increase in the MSP of wheat as well as that of paddy to be an achievement of their party Shiromani Akali Dal.

Since the above stated issue pertains to your department, I on behalf of the Congress party would request that a detailed inquiry be initiated against culprits indulging in this mischievous propaganda to take undue advantage of UPA Govt. policies and there by misleading the farmers of Punjab. Responsibility must be fixed on those political/ officers who have got these photographs printed on the bonus cheques being issued to the farmers. We must also have some moral standards in politics, therefore such unethical and immoral leaders must be taught a lesson.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira,MLA Bholath.

Tewari would 'love' Badal as opponent

Ludhiana. Jan. 10, 2009

Manish Tewari, National spokesperson of the All India Congress Committee, today asserted that the Congress in Punjab was absolutely united and the rank and file was fully geared up to fight the parliamentary elections. Tewari, who is spending quite a lot of time in Ludhiana for the last five years, speaking about the state of affairs of the party in the state said, the meeting of the coordination committee of the Punjab Congress held in New Delhi on January 5 underlined the need for unity within the ranks. He said all the senior leaders from the state were unanimous in their resolve that the party would fight the elections unitedly.

The AICC National spokesperson asserted that the Congress was quite in an enviable position in the state given the response the party meetings have been getting. Moreover, he remarked, the over all failure of the SAD-BJP government had disillusioned people and they were waiting for the first given opportunity to teach them a lesson.

To a question about Rahul Gandhi being the Prime Ministerial candidate, Tewari remarked, he is perfectly suited for the job. He pointed out, if Omar Abdullah can become the Chief Minister of an all important state like Jammu and Kashmir at the age of 38, if Rajiv Gandhi could become the Prime Minister at the age of 40, why can't Rahul Gandhi become the Prime Minister at this age. However, he added, the Congress would fight the forthcoming elections under the leadership of the party president, Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh.

To another question about a news report in a vernacular daily that he was thinking of contesting from Karnal, Tewari remarked, "it is ridiculous… though it is the prerogative of the Congress president to nominate the candidates for elections, but I would like to contest from Ludhiana only which is my "Karam Bhumi" where I have been involved and working hard for last so many years".

Manish Tewari is currently on a whirlwind tour of the Ludhiana parliamentary constituency meeting cross section of the people. It goes to his credit that he has managed to take along everyone in the party. (eom)

International Lohri mela
This lohri is for girl child

Manish Tewari

The Malwa Sabyacharak Manch organized the Lohri Mela here with great fervour and gaiety. The Secretary and spokesman of the All India Congress Committee, Manish Tewari was the chief guest who distributed the awards and honours.

The manch has been organizing the mela for last fifteen years. However, the difference of the mela is that this is celebrated for the girl child. As the lohri is usually celebrated for the male child, the manch has set a different and positive precedent.

According to the organizers of the mela, given the alarming sex ratio against the female child, celebrating the lohri for the male children only needs to be discouraged. The lohri should be celebrated for the girl child with equal enthusiasm and gaiety. That is the reason why the lohri mela organized by the Malwa Sabyacharak Manch is celebrated for the girl child only.

The manch also honoured a number of people who have made outstanding contribution to various fields of life. Also 15 girls were given a scholarship of Rs 51,00 each for their education.

Dr. M.S. Randhawa Memorial Award was Presented to Dr. K.S. Aulakh. For contribution to Agricultural Brig. Dalip Singh Olympian Memorial Award Presented to Miss Mandep Kaur. For contribution to Sports Sh. Lal Chand Yamla Jatt Memorial Award Presented to Inderjit Nikku For contribution to Punjabi Folk Singing

Dr. V.N. Tewari Memorial Award Presented to Prof. Gurbhajan Gill For contribution to Punjabi Culture & Literature Mohd. Rafi Memorial Award Presented to Jaspinder Narula For contribution to Film Playback Singing Bhai Ghanaya Memorial Award Presented to Dr. Inderjit Kaur. For contribution to Social Services Mother Teressa Memorial Award Presented to Varinder Kaur. For contribution to Sacrifice Dalip Singh Sond (M.P.- USA) Memorial Award Presented to Mandeep Singh Hans. For contribution to Social Services I.S. Johar Memorial Award Presented to Mr. Rana Ranbir. For contribution to Comedy.

The awardees were presented with a gold medal, memento, shawl and a citation. Also rewris, gachak, pugga, and pea nuts were distributed among the people on the occasion.

Thousands of people attended the function as they were enthralled by leading singers like Labh Janjua (of Singh is King fame), Inderjit Nikku, Diljit, Sarbjit Cheema, Ravinder Grewal, Sukhwinder Sukhi and others.

Prominent among those present on the occasion included AICC secretary and spokesman, Manish Tewari, chairman of the manch KK Bawa, president Pawan Dewan, patron Surinder Singh Kooner, convener Ravinder Rangoowal, vice president Chaman Lal Batra, vice chairman Ashok Makkar and general secretaries Joginder Singh and Jarnail Singh Toor. Besides, noted cultural activist Jagdev Singh Jassowal was also present on the occasion. (eom)

Following is the text of letter written to Chief Secretary Punjab urging the State Govt. to review recommendations to PPSC for nomination to PCS(executive branch).
The Congress party feels that the procedure has not been free and fair and that nepotism and favoritism have taken over merit and seniority.

To, 10.01.2009

S. Ramesh Inder Singh, IAS

Chief Secretary


Subject: Request to review recommendations to PPSC for nomination to PCS (executive branch) by the State Govt.

Dear Ramesh Inder ji,

I have learnt through news reports published in the Tribune dated 10.1.09 (clipping attached), that recommendation by the State Govt. to PPSC for PCS executive is being done on favoritism and nepotism rather than on merit. According to the report a list of 26 candidates has been forwarded to the PPSC for selection as PCS officers, of which majority of contenders are either relatives of senior leaders of the ruling SAD-BJP alliance or top bureaucrats. There are also allegations of recommendations of those who are working as OSD to a senior minister or Personal assistant to the Chief Minister and even a Personal assistant of your staff. By doing so the State Govt. seems to have thrown to the winds all norms of seniority, merit and clean service records. The govt. has also changed the eligibility by reducing the experience from 10 years to 8 years in order to facilitate the selection of the near and dear ones of the powerful.

Congress party takes strict notice of this malafide intention of the Govt. to infringe on the rights of meritorious officers who are likely to suffer on account of favoritism and nepotism being shown by the Govt. We the opposition suggest that a more transparent procedure be adopted while making the recommendations to the highest civil service of the state.

It would be in the interest of fair and constitutional working, if the State Govt. appoints a high powered committee of five senior most officers under your chairmanship to review and select afresh the recommendations. The criteria thus followed should be strictly merit and merit only. Seniority, ACR's, review if any candidate has any criminal record, impeccable image and other such good qualities should be made the hallmarks for recommendations to the nomination of PCS officers.

I hope the sentiments conveyed by the principal opposition Congress party would not be disregarded and constitutional working adhered to.

With Regards

(Sukhpal Singh Khaira)

MLA Bholath.


Request for loan waiver as a New Year's gift to Punjab Farmers on the pattern announced by the Congress led Maharashtra Government.



To, Dated: 1/1/09

S.Parkash Singh Badal

Chief Minister, Punjab


Subject: Request for loan waiver as a New Year's gift to Punjab Farmers on the pattern announced by the Congress led Maharashtra Government.

Respected Badal Ji,

As you are aware the new congress Chief Minister Sh. Ashok Chawan of Maharashtra has announced a novel loan waiver for the farmers of the state over and above the one announced by the Central Government recently. According to the waiver a package of Rs.6208 crores would benefit about 41 lac farmers of Maharastra with those having pre-1997 debts not covered by the scheme announced by the centre earlier. The package gives complete loan waiver for debts upto 20,000/- , waiver of Rs.20,000/- for debts over that amount if the borrower repays the excess, and adjustments for those who have paid their loans regularly. I am attaching a news report published in the Tribune dated 31/12/2008 for your reference.

Needless to mention that the agrarian economy in Punjab is in shambles with over Rs.25000 crores as bad debts on the farmers of Punjab. Out of these Rs.12000 crores are institutional loans, where as the remaining Rs.13,000/- crores are loans of commission agents of the state. Thousands of marginal and small farmers have resorted to suicides in the state, unable to make two ends meet. The recent loan waiver by the central government was severely criticized by your party and the state government by calling it inadequate and a cruel joke played on the farmers of Punjab.

Now that a state government like Maharashtra has pioneered and taken an initiative at the state level to assuage the feelings of the suffering farming fraternity, I feel Punjab needs to follow the footsteps of this magnanimous gesture. As it is you and your party have been claiming to be the champions of the farmers of Punjab, it is now a testing time of your Leadership in so far the interest of the peasantry are concerned . I would in fact go a step further and assure you 100% support of the Congress legislature party in this noble cause. Our Congress Party urges that since a Congress governed state has shown a legitimate and constitutional way to help the farmers of a state, we demand that a special session of the Vidhan Sabha be summoned at the earliest to discuss, debate and pass these special benefits to the farmers of Punjab. In case you fail to address the grievances of the farmers of Punjab it would be presumed that you and your party offer mere lip service to the cause of Agriculture. It would also be understood that you have double standards, one while in opposition demanding the moon for the farmers and one while in government saddle when you offer nothing.

In any case thinking positively, I feel if given this loan waiver on the pattern of Maharashtra government it would be best New Year's gift to the poor and debt affected farmers of Punjab.

With Warm regards,

Sukhpal Singh Khaira

MLA Bholath