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Tewari flays SAD-BJP govt for corruption

Ludhiana, 20 Dec.2008

Secretary All India Congress Committee as spokesman, Mananish Tewari today lambasted the Shiromani Akali Dal-BHartiya Janata Party government in the state for the rampant corruption prevailing in the administration. He expressed surprise as how BJP was supporting the government while its leaders were staging protests against the corrupt officers.

Addressing a series of meetings in different villages alongwith the Kila Raipur MLA, Jassi Khangura, Tewari pointed out, it was shameful for the government that the Deputy Speaker of the state assembly is giving affidavit against the Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana for alleged corruption, yet no action was being taken against him.

He asked the Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal to come clean on the issue. "It is a straight case, either his officer is corrupt or the Deputy Speaker who belongs to his alliance party is wrong", he pointed out, while aruging this was self explanatory and self evident. He said, it was quite unprecedented and unheard of that a senior leader belonging to the government was levelling corruption charges on its own administration. This only reflected the state of affairs.

Tewari said, the Akalis had always exploited the emotions and sentiments of people and practically done nothing for anyone, be it the common masses, the farmers, the workers or the urban people. He pointed out, the infratstructure was in tatters and there were no investments made anywhere. Instead of bringing more investors here, the SAD-BJP government tried everything to ensure that those who had come or had decided to invest in Punjab during the Congress rule were forced to leave.

On the issue of electricity Tewari regretted that even when the winter had dawned and there always used to be surplus power, the power cuts were still a routine. "I wonder where has all this electrcity gone", he said, while adding, the SAD-BJP government lacked the vision to lead or govern a progressive state like Punjab. He appealed to the people to ensure that the ruling alliance candidates are made to bite the dust in the forthcoming parliamentary elections which would mark the beginning of the end for this corrupt alliance.

Prominent among those present on the occasion included, Pritam Singh Akhara, Ranjit Singh Mangat, SAtinder Jabbadi, Pawan Dewan and others.

Badal has no interest of turban issue of France
it was an international issue, it was the duty of the Prime Minister
to take up the matter

Chandigarh, Dec. 20, 2008
Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA Bholath

The reaction of S. Prakash Singh Badal to my letter written to him on the turban issue of France is extremely unfortunate and highly condemnable. It has only confounded my fears that the SAD and the SGPC, which are presently in the grip of the Badal family offer mere lip service on issues related to the Sikh community. The Akali's probably are only interested in the votes of Sikhs, an art the senior Badal has perfected over the years of his public life.

As stated earlier, I had demanded an emergency session of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha to pass a unanimous resolution to support the cause of Sikhs living in France on the issue of wearing turban and other Sikh religious symbols such as 'Kara' and 'Kirpan'. Although it was the duty of SAD to raise their voice on such vital issues, yet an independent group of Sikhs by the name of United Sikhs has filed a case before the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) in New York on December 15th. My aim to pass a resolution in the assembly was to strengthen the case filed by United Sikhs at the UNHRC and also to convey to the French Govt. the sentiments of 3 crore Punjabi's of our state.

Unfortunately Mr. Badal decided to skirt the issue by saying, that since it was an international issue, it was the duty of the Prime Minister to take up the matter. To remind Mr. Badal, Dr. Manmohan Singh has already raised this issue with the French President Mr. Sarkozy during his recent visit to France. My question to Mr. Badal is, what have the SAD and SGPC done to support the Sikhs of France on the turban issue? Why would the rest of India and states like U.P, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh etc. support the cause to wear a turban in France? What would Mr. Badal lose if we passed a resolution in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha? The answer probably lies in the extremely close ties that the Badal family have developed with the BJP and the RSS, extreme fundamentalists Hindu organizations for his family's personal political gains. Mr. Badal is too afraid to antagonize these organizations in order to support his own community. By ignoring such a vital issue related to our fraternity living in various parts of the world Mr. Badal has once again demonstrated that he had failed to achieve anything meaningful in his 50 years of political life, it was a waste…..

Sukhpal Singh Khaira

MLA Bholath

Manish Tewari flays govt for taxing people

Ludhiana, December 12, 2008

Secretary All India Congress Committee and spokesperson Manish Tewari today flayed the Shiromani Akali Dal-Bharitya Janata Party government in the state for imposing various taxes on the people. He said, the government was trying to overcome its economic and financial failures by imposing and overburdening taxes on the common people in the state.

In a statement issued here today, Tewari pointed out, the recent decisions of the state government to impose luxury tax and the building cess in the state only reflected the highly insensitive nature of the government towards the common people. He argued, this would hit the common man too hard.

The AICC secretary maintained that the SAD-BJP government in the state had no vision as how to govern. He said, while the law and order remained at its worst, the economic and financial position of the state was too precarious at the verge of bankruptcy. He pointed out, everybody knows that the state does not have sufficient funds to pay the salaries to its employees. Now it is trying to rob the common people by imposing overbearing taxes which were only heard of during the colonial period.

He said, the state government has done nothing to generate revenue for lasting economic health. He said, due to the wrong policies of the government earnings of the government had fallen. He said, the details available with him suggest that there was substantial fall in the collection of stamp duty one of the main sources of revenue. He regretted, while the individual people running the government were getting richer, the government was getting poorer and common people were being made to bear the brunt. (geom)

SAD-BJP Govt. imposed New 1% cess on any new or old construction
suppress the growth of Punjab


Chandigarh, Dec. 12, 2008
Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA Bholath

The real anti people face of the SAD-BJP Govt. has been exposed with imposition of new taxes on different segments of the society. The Govt. has imposed a 1% cess on any new or old construction activity above 10 Lac rupees. This amounts to further suppressing the growth of Punjab in the already slowing down economy. The rates of real estate have taken a severe beating ever since the formation of this Govt. In the beginning the Govt. had imposed heavy charges on the colonization business in Punjab, due to which only corporate houses or big builders like DLF and Omaxe could benefit. Now with this new 1% cess real estate business would further dip in the state.

Similarly imposition of heavy 10% luxury tax on hotels and banquet halls will further lead to decline in this industry too. It should be remembered that there is already 12.36% service tax and 12.50% VAT on this industry. With this new luxury tax the quantum of tax on hotel and marriage palaces would shoot upto 35% which is unprecedented and draconian. Levying of luxury tax on 5 Star Hotels could be understood but forcing this tax upon small hotels and marriage palaces in the state would ruin their economy. I call upon the hotel industry to rise against this anti people step of the Govt.

As we are aware that the Govt. of India has reduced the prices of Diesel by Rs. 2 and Petrol by Rs. 5, keeping in view the decline of international prices of crude oil. Unfortunately the present SAD-BJP Govt. has increased VAT on these items which would have a direct bearing on our transport trade and agriculture of the State.

There is a complete financial mess in the State owing to poor financial management by the Govt. Its coffers are empty, employees are not getting their dues, but if one were to go by the sermons of Sukhbir Badal who has been building castles in the air everyday, it seems as if there is a lot of progress. Infact with new taxes being levied, the Govt. has admitted to the fact that it is bankrupt and has nothing to offer to the people besides cruelty in the shape of taxes. Our steel industry of Gobindgarh is in a mess so is our PSEB, therefore the Congress party demands that the Govt. immediately withdraws all new taxes and that also a white paper be issued by the Govt. on its present financial situation in the interest of the people in Punjab.

Akali Dal candidates fail to win any seats in Delhi elections


Chandigarh, Dec. 10, 2008
Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA Bholath

The recent rout of the Akali's in Delhi assembly elections are clear indication of the declining graph of SAD amongst the Sikhs as well as Punjabi's. Delhi is a replica of Punjabi society in India. While the Congress nominated five Sikhs and was able to secure victory for all of them in Delhi, the Akali's failed to open an account on the four seats contested by them. This is in fact reflection of gross misrule delivered by the SAD-BJP government in Punjab. The way the Badal family has monopolized Akali Dal by having more than half dozen family relatives as Ministers in Punjab, it only shows that the Badal's have bid goodbye to the Panthic agenda which has been a major plank of Akali politics ever since its formation in 1920.

The tall claims of Sukhbir Badal stand belied with complete washout of the Akali's from Delhi. Even the alliance of SAD-BJP has been rejected by the voters. BJP has now been perceived a party that tows communal and divisive politics and also anti minorities. Their role in the recent terror attacks has been one of weakening the nation by questioning the integrity of ATS Chief Hemant Karkare and others. Over all results of five states have in fact strengthened the secular policies of the congress under Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh.

The writing on the wall is now clear for the Badal's in Punjab, they would be completely routed and wiped out in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections. The SAD-BJP government has not done an iota of development in Punjab and has only resorted to muzzling the voice of its opponents in the state. Thousands of false cases have been registered against congressmen beginning with Capt. Amarinder Singh. Local Panchayat and Municipal elections has been rigged with the active support of police and Civil administration. Corruption is rampant in the state, trades such as Transport, Mining and Cable network have been hijacked by the Badal family. Under these circumstances the electorates of Punjab are waiting for the Lok Sabha polls to teach the Akali's a befitting lesson. I can now say with confidence that the congress will trounce the SAD-BJP in all the 13 constituencies of Punjab, including Bathinda the home of Badals.

The recent terror attacks in Mumbai

Chandigarh, Dec. 03, 2008
Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA Bholath

The recent terror attacks in Mumbai are a direct fall out of divisive politics being vigorously pursued by the BJP and its frontal organizations like the VHP, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Shiv Sena etc. India being a multi-religious and multi-lingual State requires co-existence of all religious and ethnic groups. Being statesmen politicians, leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawahar Lal had laid strong secular foundations for India realizing the social fabric of our country. Unfortunately the BJP in order to achieve political power, had from the very start, raised the issue of Hindu fundamentalism and one religion one nation theory. When the British left India in 1947 they had more or less formed India in the present shape by annexing various princely states of erstwhile India. Even after partition, Sh. Vallabhbhai Patel, the then Home Minister and his Secretary, Sh. V. P. Menon, prepared Draft Instrument of Accession in order to motivate over 500 princely states such as Kashmir and Hyderabad each the size of a large European country and smaller fiefdoms or Jagirs of a dozen or less villages. The result of their endless efforts are the present map of India.

India was also reorganized on linguistic basis to allow all the ethnic groups and minorities to live peacefully and enjoy freedom to practice their respective religions. Like stated earlier, the BJP embarked upon communal agenda in order to capture the seat of Delhi. The flash point came when the Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992, the seeds of hatred had been fully sown by then. From there on there was no looking back, riots were politically sponsored in different states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra etc. Minorities such as Christians have been targeted recently in Orissa and Karnataka, churches burnt and nuns raped, all this was being done in order to consolidate the Hindu majority vote bank. Having tasted power in 1999 the BJP launched the communal tirade through fundamentalist leaders like Narinder Modi in Gujarat.

The recent involvement of Sadhvi Pragya in the bomb-blasts of Malegaon and other places has thoroughly exposed the nefarious designs of BJP. They went ahead to question the integrity of officers like Shri Hemant Karkare, head of the ATS probing the terrorist connections of Sadhvi and Col. Purohit. It was another matter that the BJP had to hang its head in shame when Sh. Hemant Karkare and other brave officers laid down their lives for the country. Even in the hour of grave crises like the Mumbai terror attacks the Gujarat Chief Minister had the audacity to question the integrity of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister and the Govt. Of India through a press conference outside the Taj Hotel in Mumbai instead of showing solidarity with the Government.

In case the BJP continues to choose the path of such communal and divisive politics, they would be squarely responsible for such attacks in future. The need of the hour is to put our heads together and be one as a nation and find ways and means to tackle the menace of this new world phenomenon of terrorism. At the same time, the Congress also warns Pakistan of promoting terrorism in India through their organized terror camps. They must immediately shut down these camps and hand over those terrorists responsible for heinous crimes against India to our country.

All political parties must follow the secular policies laid down by Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and allow peaceful coexistence of all religions and communities of our great country. We must all fight terrorism and the communal policies of enemies within our system and also those sowing the seeds from across our international borders. Congress party pays its heartfelt tributes to all those killed in Mumbai and salutes brave officers and Jawans of our security forces who have laid down their lives for the unity and integrity of India.