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Raninder Singh- Bathinda Parliamentary Constituency (the son of Capt. Amarinder Singh )



BATHINDA :26th April 2009

Former Chief Minister & Chairman of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Campaign Committee Capt Amarinder Singh today warned the Akalis against threatening & intimidating Congress workers & supporters. He also appealed to the police not to follow the Akali dictates blindly and to stop harrasing innocent people.

Addressing a largely attended public meeting at Nathana, in the Bathinda Parliamentary Constituency organised by S Ajaib Singh Bhatti, MLA., Capt Amarinder Singh warned “half your term is over and only two and a half years remain that too if you are lucky enough to survive it. Beware of what will happen to you”.

Upbeat by the presence of a huge crowd, Capt Amarinder Singh told his supporters, “note down the name and detail of every person who threatens you and I will handle such people”.

He said the Akalis are getting desperate and have resorted to criminal intimidation of Congress supporters. He pointed out that the entire Badal family is in Bathinda. “it is not Raninder who has ensured this, it is your love and support without which Raninder could not have done it”

He observed while pointing out “the Badals are so desperate that not only they themselves but all the Akali workers from across the state are stationed in Bathinda trying to save their ‘sinking boat’.

The former CM reiterated his charge that the Akali – BJP govt had killed 42 congress workers of which 14 were from Bathinda. “they will account for each death and intimidation, they will pay for it, they wont be allowed to get away scot free”, Capt Amarinder Singh asserted while adding, “ how long can they run away from the law and the wrath of the people. The law will ultimately catch up with them”.

He said the way the Akalis are threatening people and filing police case against them only shows their frustration. They are getting scared as they are staring defeat in their face. “Let the results come out on 16th may and they will not be seen anywhere close to you”.

The Chairman of the Congress Campaign Committee pointed out that the Akalis, in general and the CM Prakash Singh Badal, his son Sukhbir Badal in particular, were reaping what they sowed. “they have killed people, maimed them, harassed them, humiliated them, and this is going to be their nemesis”.

He further pointed out “the Badals have already started searching for excuses, even though the elections were weeks away”.

The former CM regretted that the Badals have pushed the state to bankruptcy. The state he added did not have sufficient funds to pay salaries to its employees. “they have taken a loan of Rs. 500 crores to pay last months’ salary to the employees.

He revealed while adding “now they are denying the employees their rightful due of the benefits of the 6th pay commission”.

Capt Amarinder Singh pointed out when he was Chief Minister the revenue collections from stamp duty alone was to the tune of Rs 2400 crores and now it has fallen to Rs 600 crores – a loss of Rs 1800 crores. It is because of the wrong policies of the Akali govt that the land prices have nosedived and business has fled from the state.

The meeting was also addressed by MLA’s S Ajaib Singh Bhatti, S Gurpreet Singh Kangar, S Sukhpal Singh Khaira.

Amar Jang S Sidhu
Media Coordinator

Apprehension of countermanding 11-Bathinda Constituency poll

To 28th April, 2009

Chief Election Commissioner of India,
Nirvachan Sadan,
Ashoka Road,
New Delhi 110001

Subject: Apprehension of countermanding 11-Bathinda Constituency poll

Respected Sir,

This is for your kind information that it has been observed that out of desperation Akali Dal are planning to get the poll countermanded by adopting unfair and unlawful means. Point wise plaint is as under:
1 Lok Sabha Elections are taking place in 13 constituencies of Punjab, but all the leaders of Akali Dal along with antisocial elements are camping in Bathinda Constituency.
2 It has been noticed that SOI (an organization floated by Deputy Chief Minister Punjab) and criminals from other states are busy in terrorizing the peaceful voters in the urban areas of 11-Bathinda Constituency. These people are camping in marriage palaces, hotels and temporarily rented places in the urban areas.
3 There is apprehension of elimination of any candidate from national party or state registered party to countermand elections.
4 It has been found that lot of criminals are being recommended by the Akali leaders to get out on parole to terrorise peaceful voters with the intention to get votes in their favour.
5 Govt. officials are being forced to threat peaceful voters through their prerogative offices to cast vote in support of Akali Dal candidate.
6 The Govt. Officials posted in the other part of the state are camping in Bathinda unofficially to influence the voters in the favour of Akali Dal.
7 Fake identity cards / red light cars/ fake number plates are being issued to the anti social elements as, “officer on Election duty” and other designations of the state machinery, holders of such fake identity cards are escorted by Punjab Police.
Therefore it is recommended that Bathinda Constituency should be made clean in every respect for free and fair poll, I request you :-
1 Immediate deployment of Central forces in the constituency.
2 Extra personal security of Center forces to all contesting candidates from 11-Bathinda constituency.
3 Additional Observers for each nine Assembly constituencies.
4 All the urban Areas to be marked as Extra Sensitive Booth Areas.
5 To assure the safe passage and protection for the peaceful voters from the home to polling booths. A constant assistance is required from the central forces in this regard.
6 A Control Room to be managed by the central forces is required as Punjab Police is not in a position to perform free and fair duty when Deputy Chief Minister Punjab’s ’s wife is contesting elections from the Akali Dal.
7 Videography of all the movements in the densely populated urban areas is required to identify antisocial elements during the poll.
8 The voting machines should be placed in the proper secret area on polling booths.
9 Polling officers belong to Bathinda Constituency should be allowed to cast vote on same EVM where they are posted for the polling duty , instead of forcing them the option of ballot paper to be posted.
10 A regular flag march of the central forces is required in the constituency.
11 Last but more important area of all the 9 Assembly constituencies should be cleaned from all the outsiders / SOI / fake identity card holders/ officials posted in the other part of the state, who are not voter in the (nine Assembly constituencies) Bathinda Constituency before 48 hours till the time polling is over for free and fair poll and protection of local citizens.

Akali-BJP govt will fall on May 16

BATHINDA, April 23
Amar Jang S Sidhu

The Congress candidate from Bathinda Parliamentary Constituency S Raninder Singh today said, the countdown for the Akali-BJP government had already started and it will collapse under its own contradictions. He said, it is not only the masses across the state who are disillusioned, even those with the government like the legislators and ministers were also feeling suffocated.

Addressing series of meetings in 17 villages which included Rai Khana, Manak, Khana,Buraj Sema, Mansa Kalan,Sandoha of of the Talwandi Sabo Assembly segment today S Raninder Singh, accompanied by the local MLA S Jeetmohinder Singh, MLA, told the people, “it is not only you who are angry, even their (Akalis’) leaders, legislators and ministers were not comfortable”. He pointed out, the continuous exodus of leaders from Shiromani Akali Dal into the Congress was an indication that all was not well within the party.

Comparing the achievements of the current Akali-BJP government with that of the Congress, he pointed out, the only thing they have succeeded in is ensuring that the industry fled from here as also the mega projects that had come over here were harassed and threatened leaving hardly any option for them but to flee.

S Raninder Singh has been getting a massive response from the crowd wherever he goes. He is being assured full and unconditional support by the residents of Bathinda Parliamentary Constituency, who said, it was their cherished wish to see him to represent them in the Parliament. They said, it is after a long time that they would be having a young and dynamic leader to raise their voice in the highest legislature of the country.

Expressing his gratitude towards the people, S Raninder Singh appealed to them to ensure that they voted on May 7 in full numbers. He said, he was confident that the Election Commission of India will ensure foolproof security for the voters so that the elections are conducted in a smooth and tension free atmosphere.

Smt Sheila Dikshit to address rally in Bhatinda – S. Raninder Singh

April 22, 2009

Delhi Chief Minister Smt Sheila Dikshit is arriving in Bhatinda on 24th April 2009 to address a rally in favour of the Congress (I) candidate S Raninder Singh. Disclosing this today S Raninder Singh said that she will address the people of Bhatinda at 8.30 pm at the Gandhi Market parking area, near the railway Station.

Smt Sheila Dikshui has been the Chief Minister of Delhi since 1998. She is from the Indian National Congress. Dr. Dikshit was sworn-in as the Chief Minister for a second consecutive term of the Government of the state of Delhi on December 15, 2003. Finally, after five years she surprised all the political pundits by riding back to power in January 2009, after a surprise victory in November 2008 election for Delhi. She is the second woman Chief Minister of Delhi. She represents New Delhi Constituency in the Legislative Assembly.

Smt Sheila Dikshit was born on March 31, 1938. Holder of Master of Arts degree, she received her education at Convent of Jesus and Mary School, New Delhi and later in Miranda House, Delhi University. She is also the recipient of Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa, from the University of Delhi. She was married into the family of Shri Umashankar Dikshit, noted freedom fighter and a former Governor and Union Cabinet Minister. Her late husband Shri Vinod Dikshit was a widely respected member of the Indian Administrative Service.She has two children, son Sandeep Dikshit who is a member of parliament from East Delhi for Congress and daughter Latika Syed.
During the period between 1984 and 1989, she represented Kannauj Parliamentary Constituency of Uttar Pradesh. As a member of Parliament, she served on the Estimates Committee of Lok Sabha. Dr. Dikshit also chaired the Implementation Committee for Commemoration of Forty Years of India's Independence and Jawaharlal Nehru centenary. She represented India at United Nations Commission on Status of Women for five years (1984-1989). As President of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, she led her party to victory in the Assembly elections in 1998.

She has also served as a Union Minister during 1986-1989, first as the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and later as a Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office. She is shortlisted for the 2008 World Mayor award. As Chief Minister of Delhi, Dikshit was awarded the Best Chief Minister of India, by Journalist Association of India on 12th of July 2008 by H.K. Sethi, the secretary general of the organisation.
Dikshit has championed the cause of women at various in various capacities. She has also been a leading figure in the movement for granting of equal rights to women. She represented India on the U.N. Commission on Status of Women for five years (1984 - 89). In Uttar Pradesh, she along with her 82 colleagues was jailed in August 1990 for 23 days by the state government when she led a movement against the atrocities being committed on women. Electrified by this, lakhs of citizens all over UP joined the movement and courted arrest. Earlier, in the early 1970s, she was chairperson of the Young Women's Association and was instrumental in the setting up two of most successful hostels for working women in Delhi.

She is also the Secretary of the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. The trust has come to play a leading role in promotion of international understanding. It presents the Indira Gandhi Award for Peace, Disarmament and Development and Organizes conferences on issues of the global concern. Under her aegis an Environmental Center has been setup at the trust.

Akalis have double standards; are too ungrateful - Raninder

BATHINDA, April 19, 2009

The Congress candidate from Bathinda Parliamentary Constituency, Raninder Singh today said, the Akalis had double standards and were ungrateful to the highest degree. He pointed out, while the Chief Minister S. Parkash Singh Badal has no qualms in going begging to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for every big and small issue in Delhi, here in Punjab he and his party keep on telling people that he (Dr Manmohan Singh) had done nothing for Punjab.

Addressing a series of public meetings in different villages in the Sardulgarh Assembly segment, Raninder Singh pointed out, every now and then the Chief Minister is in New Delhi seeking appointments with Dr Singh for various aids and concessions for the state using all the pleas of a Punjabi and a Sikh Prime Minister with him, but when he comes back home, Badal and other Akalis try to make out as if Dr Singh had done nothing for Punjab.
S Raninder Singh pointed out, not only each and every Punjabi, but every Indian is proud of Dr Manmohan Singh. “Dr Manmohan Singh is an economist of repute, who is consulted by policy makers from the US and Europe and it is an honour to have him as our Prime Minister”. He further added “it was the duty of each and every Punjabi to ensure that the son of the soil is returned as the Prime Minister”.

While appealing to the people to strengthen the hands of Dr Manmohan Singh, he pointed out, Dr Singh had enhanced the pride of Sikhs. “Dr. Singh is a man of integrity, eminent economist, gentleman, humble and soft-spoken…nobody can point an accusing finger towards him”, he said, while adding, “his contribution towards the development of Punjab can not be ignored”.

Listing his contribution towards Punjab he pointed out, “beside releasing liberal funds for strengthening the infrastructure at Amritsar Airport, a new International Airport has been sanctioned for Punjab at Mohali-Chandigarh, two Central Universities (at Amritsar and Bathinda) and one IIT at Ropar have been allocated to Punjab, Guru Gobind Singh Marg has been sanctioned from Talwandi Sabo in Punjab to Nanded (Maharashtra) passing through five other states”.
“These are just few examples and the list is too long”, S Raninder Singh said, while asking Akalis to, “at least be honest and fair to the man who has always given you due respect and honour despite your disrespect and ingratitude towards him by voting against his Prime Ministerhsip in the Parliament”.

“barking dogs seldom bite”......Rishma Kaur

BATHINDA, April 19

Rishma Kaur, the better half of Raninder Singh, the Congress candidate from
Bathinda parliamentary constituency has told the people of Bathinda not to
be scared of the threats of intimidation and reprisals from the Akalis as
she and her entire family stood and will stand by them, always. Moreover,
she remarked, “barking dogs seldom bite”, while pointing out that their
rivals were feeling desperate and frustrated and had started resorting to
bullying and terror tactics.

During her tour of various areas in the city last night, Rishma Kaur moved around
NFL Colony, Thermal Colony, Hazura Kaupra, Baba Farid Colony and several
other localities where she met among others the councilor Dr Mukesh and a
leading social worker Mona Chauhan. She was accompanied by the local MLA,
Harminder Singh Jassi, the District Congress Committee Bathinda (urban)
president Ashok Pradhan and KK Aggarwal.

Referring to the threats of stopping grants to the villages that vote for
the Congress issued by the Akali candidate Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Rishma Kaur told
the voters, “I am pleading for you to vote for the Congress and I am sure
you will certainly vote for the Congress, but even if you don’t, as it is
your discretion, that does not mean we will resort to any reprisals like
stopping of grants and intimidation”. She said, “Voting freely is your
democratic right and serving you all, without any discrimination, is our
democratic duty.”

Trying to touch an emotional cord, Rishma Kaur urged people, “the choice is yours
and you have to choose who would be in a better position to serve and
represent you…one who threatens and intimidates you or one who promises to
stand by you in all your circumstances”.

Rishma Kaur seemed to gel well with the people particularly among the women and
the youth. She appealed them to ensure that they voted as it was not only
their right but duty as well. “It is the duty of our educated youth to vote
so that they can make the right choice”, she told a cheering crowd in NFL
colony who mostly consisted of youth and women.

Mrs Rishma Kaur, w/o S Raninder Singh, is arriving in Bhatinda on 17th April 2009. She will accompany her husband while he files his nomination papers.

Thereafter she will stay and campaign in Bhatinda town. She will be accompanied by Mrs Raneet Mann, a cousin of S Raninder Singh.

Mrs Mann is already campaigning in Bhatinda Urban and has been successful in rallying the support of women voters. She has been able to strike a chord with the women who are now openly coming out in support of the Congress candidate.

Together they will boost the moral of the Congress workers.

Mrs Rishma Kaur is a seasoned campaigner and this will be her 6th election campaign. She has, in the past, campaigned for her mother in law Mrs Praneet Kaur and father in law Capt. Amarinder Singh.

Mrs Rishma Kaur completed her schooling from Mater Dei Convent School in New Delhi. She then obtained a (BSc Hons) degree in Business Studies from University of Buckingham, UK in 1994.

On returning to India she worked as a trainee with Deutsche Bank for 6 months. In January 1995 she married S Raninder Singh.

She was appointed and worked as Director Berger Paints India Ltd for 2 years and also headed The Paint Council of India under CAPEXIL for 2 years.

In 1998 she resigned her assignments and shifted to Patiala where she focused spending quality time with her family. She relishes being a homemaker, she is an extremely down to earth lady and is a perfect hostess. Mrs Rishma Kaur spends a lot of time taking care of her in laws constituencies where she mingles and meets the people, devoting a lot of time for their welfare. She is an excellent cook, reads a lot and is very fond of gardening.

S Raninder Singh and Mrs Rishma Kaur are blessed with 2 daughters who are studying in Welhams School Dehradun and 1 son who is studying in Vasant Valley School New Delhi.

What’s brewing in Bhatinda?

April 09, 2009

In the whirlwind of village and town campaigning, hurried meetings and impressive cavalcades that contrast starkly with dirt roads and merge with city traffic, is there something brewing - or staring us in the face - that we may be missing?

Political analysts and psephologist’s have for sometime informed us about the demographic shift towards the youth. Rahul Gandhi has been listening very carefully to them and has taken the first significant step in the 2009 General Election by being personally concerned about fielding youth candidates across the country and especially in Punjab.

The Bhatinda battle is possibly the contest that is going to determine the course of Punjab politics and Rahul obviously knows it – fielding a credible youth candidate who earned his spurs in the fiercely contested Assembly Elections of 2007, where Raninder and his dedicated supporters managed to successfully wrest Malwa, the traditional Akali bastion for the first time. That effort reportedly earned Raninder serious brownie points with the Congress President and the Prime Minister.

Yes, there is strong anti-incumbency and resentment against Akali’s especially in Malwa. Dig deeper and there’s another sentiment that in retrospect may be the key success factor for the Congress – it’s the Youth.

Youngsters are voluntarily canvassing for Raninder, excited about the possibility of emerging political equations in the Congress Party, envisaged by the High Command and personally nurtured by Rahul.

Rahul heralds a promise towards energetic governance while Raninders’ promise is to deliver.

9th April, 2009

The Congress (I) candidate, for the Bhatinda Parliamentary Constituency, S. Raninder Singh will file his nomination papers at Bhatinda on Friday 17th April 2009.


Raninder greeted with slogans at village Khialla

April 07, 2009

This morning Raninder Singh,Congress (I) candidate for the Bathinda Parliamentary Constituency, hit the Campaign trail with gusto. His elation is stemming from the support he is receiving throughout the constituency. The defeat of the Akali Dal candidate is apparent and only a matter of time. Accompanied by S Sher Singh Gaggowal, MLA, his first stop was at village Khialla where an over enthusiastic crowd greeted him with slogans in favour of the Congress party and Capt Amarinder Singh. Hundreds of people had gathered to receive him and they weighed him with “Ladoos”. Amongst the prominent people present were Jaspal Singh, Kulwant Singh, ram Kumar Dhavi, Jarnail Singh,Gurpal Singh, Simarjit Singh Mansahia, Vikramjit Singh.

As he proceeded to village Ralla, his cavalcade grew in size and became quite unmanageable. Here 3 clubs owing allegiance to Akali Dal joined him saying that they were disgruntled with Akali family politics. Here too he was weighed with “Ladoos”.

The weighing scale and “Ladoos” awaited him in villages Joga , Jhhabar, Ubba and Thuttianwali. In village Akalia a prominent Youth Akali Dal leader Harsimrat Singh joined hands with S Raninder Singh. Thirty five Akali workers pledged to work for his victory while switching sides in village Ubba.

S Raninder Singh emphasized on the difference in thought of the Akalis and Capt Amarinder Singh. During the previous Akali regime Crop procurement was a headache for the farmers, but Capt Amarinder Singh under his regime ensured not one farmer faced a problem in 5 years. As far as the cotton was concerned farmers had to spray their crop atleast 35 times in the earlier Akali regime, whereas in The Congress regime, Capt Amarinder Singh introduced BT cotton and made life simpler and happier for the farmers.

S Raninder Singh said he along with Mr HS Jassi, MLA, went to see the International Cricket Stadium for Bathinda that had been promised by the Akali Dal. All that they could see was a two foot board. Similarly the Akalis had promised a Metro worth Rs 2500 crores in Ludhaina and nothing has come off that project too. The difference between the Akalis and Capt Amarinder Singh lay in their thinking. Whereas the Akalis only befooled people by making false promise, Capt Amarinder Singh is a far sighted leader who puts his state and the people of Punjab before himself. He and the and the Congress party delivered and the results are for all to see.

He said that now within the Akali Dal the leaders were feeling suffocated. S Jasjit Singh Bunny, son of former Minister late Capt Kanwaljit Singh too realized this and decided to leave the party despite being offered “adjustment” within the Akali party. Bunny having announced his candidature from Patiala parliament Constituency as an Independent candidate f and that of his mother as an Independent from Banur Assembly Constituency has proven the suffocation with the Akali party where the writ of only one family runs.

The campaign covered 12 villages and 3 wards of mansa town, all falling in the Mansa assembly segment.

Raninder Singh campaign trail by visiting his ancestral village Mehraj

April 07, 2009

With each passing day S Raninder Singh of the Congress party is foraging ahead in the Bathinda Parliamentary Constituency. On 5th April he started his campaign trail by visiting his ancestral village Mehraj. On arrival at the village he was greeted by jathedar Sher Singh and a huge crowd which included Gurmeet Singh Ex Sarpanch, Gurtej Singh Ex sarpanch, Gurmail Singh- a senior and influential leader of the area, Rakesh Sahara and Gurpreet Singh Ex Sarpanch.

He sought the peoples blessings and recounted his family association with the area dating 14 generations. He also asked the people to overcome evil with good and vote whole heartedly for the Faridkot Parliamentary Constituency candidate of the Congress party Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Danny. The people raised anti Badal slogans and assured S. Raninder Singh of their support to Mr Danny. He was accompanied by MLA’s S. Gurpreet Singh Kangar, S. Makhan Singh and S Ajaib Singh Bhatti.

Later accompanied by MLA S Ajitinder Singh Mofar, Sh Raminder Amla former Pb Youth Congress President, Bikram Singh Mofar and Harpreet Singh Hero, he campaigned in the Sardulgarh Assembly segment.
The reception accorded to him throughout the day by the people of the constituency got grander as they kept pouring out to meet him and extend their support. With out pouring of emotion, the public expressed their desire to vote out the corrupt family run organization that happens to be the incumbent government of Punjab.
S Raninder Singh spoke of the failed agenda of the Akali Dal – BJP combine. The government has failed the people on all fronts. The farmers suffered as the procurement of crops was extensively delayed. The government he said is befooling people by claiming to give continuous power supply during the election period, whereas everyone knows the truth and faces power cuts for exxtended periods in the day throughout the year in both rural and urban areas. It was only Capt Amarinder Singh who lived up to his promises and provided power to the farmers for over 8 hours a day. Capt. Amarinder Singh always thought of the welfare of the state and its people. He even staked his political career by repealing the water ActThe present State Government is a complete failure on all fronts and the Badal family controls 55 of the 75 departments. 6 ministers in the cabinet are their relatives. They have monopolized transport, liquor trade, and sand mining. They have done nothing but served themselves.
He once again reiterated that Mrs Harsimrat Badal was like his elder sister and he will never indulge in a personal attack on her. He appreciated her “Nani Chhaan” project but said that voting for her would be a vote for Sukhbir Singh Badal and he will continue to torment the public.

While campaigning in villages Lakhmirwala and Jhunnir he got a shot in the arm as several prominent Akali leaders of the area ,which included, Mithoo Singh, Kapur Singh, Major Singh, Mela Singh, Kaka Singh, Gurdev Singh Sran, Tara Singh, Banta Singh, Harpal Singh, Ratesh Kumar, Ram Lal, Manpreet Singh, Buta Singh, Parminder Sharma, Nirmal Sharma, Gurdeep Jhunnir, Surinder Jhunnir, Santokh Maldi,Bugi, Gurinder Makha and Baisakha Singh.

The campaign covered 21 villages of the Sardulgarh assembly segment.On 6th April 2009, S Raninder Singh will campaign in the Mansa assembly segment.

S. Raninder Singh, Congress (I) candidate for the Bathinda Parliamentary Constituency toured the Budhlada

April 04, 2009
Amar Jang Singh Sidhu

S. Raninder Singh, Congress (I) candidate for the Bathinda Parliamentary Constituency toured the Budhlada assembly segment on 4th April,2009. Starting his day early he visited 18 villages and 2 Mandies namely Lakhmirwala, Alianwali, Joian, Talian, Burj, Mandali, Piplian and Kulerian, Ahmadpur, Phuluwala Dogra, phuluwala Dod, Ramnagar Bhattal, Malsinghwala,Qasimpur Chhina,Alampura Mandran, Uddat Saidewala, Mallakpur Bhimra,Boha, Kallipur, Budhlada and Bareta . He was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd which swelled in numbers as he progressed with his campaign and one could see hundreds join his convoy.

He interacted with people, and spoke of the positive contribution the Central Govt. had done in building our nation. He exhorted the people to vote in favour of the Congress so that a Dr. Manmohan Singh led secular Govt could be formed at the Centre .He showed maturity and sought votes on development related issues and did not make any personal attacks against his opposing candidate. He highlighted the failure of the incumbent state government in keeping its electoral promises. He was accompanied by the local MLA, Mr. Mangat Rai Bansal, and other prominent leaders of the area which included Swarn Singh Bakshiwala, Ranjit Singh Dodhra Jugraj Singh Dharampura, Mithoo Singh and Khushminder Singh, Mr Gurvir Singh Jeji-segment incharge, Harbans Singh Chibbal, Lal Singh Lalli, Khem Singh Jatanna among others. According to the MLA Mr Mangat Rai Bansal, the entire area is enveloped by a wave in favour of the Congress party and over 300 people alongwith their families left the Akali Dal and CPI and joined the Congress party.

S. Raninder Singh also inaugurated his election offices in Boha, Bareta and Budhlada.