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Sukhpal Singh Khaira, MLA Bholath


Congress party strongly condemns for beating of a
man for peaceful protest

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
MLA Bholath.
Sep. 03, 2010

Congress party strongly condemns the barbarian, brutal and inhuman beating up of Cooperative Sugar Mill employees at Zira yesterday, who were peacefully protesting at the venue of Mr. Badal’s meeting.  The other day the police rounded and roughed up women contractual multi purpose health workers at Jalandhar.

Mr. Badal has turned his election slogan of ‘Raj Nahin Sewa’ the other way around by doing sewa with his police ‘Danda’ on peaceful agitators including women.  While in opposition Mr. Badal has often been heard of championing the cause of human rights and the right to freedom of expression but once in the saddle of power the true face of a draconian leader has been unmasked with repeated attacks on peaceful protesters. Mr. Badal is on record in Vidhan Sabha to ensure safety and respect of women by the SAD-BJP Govt. only to disrespect and hurt the sentiments of women as in the case the other day at Jalandhar.

Congress feels anarchy is ruling the roost in Punjab with employees and general public across the state up in across against the anti people policies of the Badal Govt.  There is not a day when Anganwari workers, ETT teachers, and other organizations who feel frustrated climb atop water tanks and take to various forms of protest.  17 Kisan organizations have also been in the forefront in leading protests across the state for the failure of Badal govt. on all fronts.

Congress describes the situation as one of civil war in the state with complete breakdown of constitutional machinery.  The police force has been virtually turned into the private army of the Badal family. Rampant corruption rules the roost with the senior and junior Badal in deep slumber.  It is a fit case of ‘Nero sleeping while Rome was burning’.



Sh. Yashwant Sinha’s trip  to Punjab

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
MLA Bholath.
Aug 31, 2010

The so called truce between SAD and BJP engineered by the mediation of Sh. Yashwant Sinha, is nothing but an eye wash and abject surrender by BJP to the unfair dictates of Akali’s led by Mr. Badal.  Sh. Manoranjan Kalia Senior BJP Leader who led the charge of unfair, partisan and biased working by the Badal’s has probably decided to work on the same pay without any achievement.

Contrary to the belief, it was shocking to watch Sh. Yashwant Sinha himself announce the truce with Mr. Badal maintaining silence over the issue.  It is now abundantly clear that the alliance between the SAD and BJP is nothing but a ‘marriage of convenience’ and an opportunist alliance for sharing the spoils of power.  Had the BJP been serious about the issues of urban people of Punjab whom they claim to represent, it would have long ago pulled the rug from under the Badal Govt.  The way small, medium and heavy industry has had to sufer long power cuts upto three days a week creating havoc on industry, has probably not affected the BJP.  Similarly heavy increase in electricity duty, increase in VAT, unemployment of youth in cities, breakdown of law and order, increase in drugs, crumbling of govt. education and health services for the poor in urban areas were enough reasons for the BJP to speak up for the people.

Even though the allegations of Sh. Kalia of Mr. Badal diverting Rs. 733 crores of municipal funds through PIDB to Malwa region is basically a fight for sharing the spoils, yet the congress expected that the BJP will fight on the issue of urban development.

It is now crystal clear that the BJP rakes up these issues to blackmail Mr. Badal and then settles for personal favours and  not issues of the people and that too in private dinner meetings with Mr. Badal.  Congress alleges that it is not the agenda of people that the BJP is serious about but it is fighting solely to share power with the Akali’s.

Therefore, the congress dares the BJP and the Akali’s that if they have the courage to test their strength respectively as claimed by both parties, let them dissolve the assembly and order fresh elections as both the parties would be routed and wiped out for their unethical politics.