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Sukhpal Singh Khaira, MLA Bholath


My response to junior Badal’s cowardly statement issued from Patiala yesterday urging me to debate with Sarpanch of V. Lambi.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira
MLA Bholath.
Nov. 30, 2010

Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA, Bholath

The coward in Sukhbir Badal has been exposed as he chickened out from his offer to an open debate on development, while speaking to reporters at Patiala yesterday.

This is the second time that the junior Badal has shied away from a public debate after making lofty challenges to the opposition.

Asking me to debate with the Sarpanch of V. Lambi is a perfect example of his weak character unable to face his political rivals. It only goes to show that he does not have the confidence to enter into a public debate with me.

In so far his credentials of seniority in politics are concerned, he should not forget, that like me he too is a first time MLA and that to with a lesser term. He should also not forget that he is playing politics from the lap of his beleaguered father, while I have struggled to become the people’s representative on my own. He should not forget that his coward father sent him to safer havens in USA on pretext of education during terrorism, while thousands of innocent Punjabi’s lost their lives due to emotional issues raised by his father.

The junior Badal’s political career is blotted with dark spots of mega corruption; he has bled the people of Punjab to own 7 star hotels like Trident in Gurgaon. He has hijacked the trades of sand quarrying, cable network, bulk liquor and have thrown out small bus operators from the trade of transport.

His statement today is nothing but a panic reaction of meek surrender by a weak General, urging me to debate with the Sarpanch of Lambi by doing so he has degraded the status of an elected representative.

Therefore, if you have the courage to face me and want to know the painful truth of Punjab, I will wait for you at the Press Club Chandigarh Sector 27 on 3rd Dec. Friday at 11.30 am, in case you fail to turn up, it would be presumed you have accepted defeat like a coward and surrendered well before a fight.