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  • NRI, Sewa International raises USD 100,000 relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina


Sewa International raises USD 100,000 for Katrina relief

Houston, Oct. 22, 2004

Non-governmental organisation Sewa International, has raised over USD 100,000 from Indians living in the United States for providing relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The group, which worked with the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the aftermath of the tragedy, raised the money from Indian-Americans across the country.

The outfit's International Coordinator Shyam Parande, and former NRI Ambassador-at-Large Bhishma Agnihotri, met Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, at Baton Rouge yesterday and presented a cheque for the amount.

Agnihotri also donated USD 15,001 for Katrina survivors.

Governor Blanco recognised the timely efforts of Sewa International volunteers, the organisation said.

Sewa International's American chapter worked round the clock in the worst-hit cities of Louisiana and other affected areas like Houston after the hurricane

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