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  • The Banks play an important role in the financial system and the economy. Theis involved in borrowing and lending money. ... Banks also play an important role in offering finance to businesses who wish to invest and expand. These loans and business investment are important for enabling economic growth.
  • An investment bank, on the other hand, can hold stocks and bonds and may offer those to investors in the marketplace. Small businesses rely on commercial banks for a variety of services that make it easier to do business and grow a company.
  • Business banking is a company's financial dealings with an institution that provides business loans, credit, and savings and checking accounts specifically designed for companies instead of individuals. Business banking occurs when a bank, or division of a bank, only deals with businesses.
  • An NRI Account refers to the accounts opened by a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) with a bank or financial institution which is authorised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), to provide various services.
  • Funds in NRE Accounts are fully and freely repatriable. However, funds in your NRO Account are repatriable only post payment of applicable taxes. ... Interest earned on FCNR deposits are also tax-free in India. Convenience benefits: One more advantage of NRE and NRO Accounts is convenience.
  • As an NRI, you might not be clear about the various benefits of the accounts available to you. As such, to manage your income and investments, it is essential to open an account with the numerous NRI Benefits in India. Here are five NRI Account benefits that you need to know.

    • Tax Benefits: Knowledge about taxation on Interest will help you select the right NRI Fixed Deposit. While the interest earned on your NRE Saving Account as well the NRE Fixed Deposit is tax-free in India, savings in the NRO Saving Account as well the NRO Fixed Deposit are subject to TDS as per the Income Tax regulations. You also have an option of transferring funds from your NRO account to NRE account post payment of applicable taxes.
    • Repatriation Advantages: Another important advantage of NRI Accounts is repatriation benefits. Both NRO and NRE Saving Accounts allow smooth movement of funds because you can repatriate both, the principal and interest abroad. Funds in NRE Accounts are fully and freely repatriable. However, funds in your NRO Account are repatriable only post payment of applicable taxes.
    • Minimal Balance Requirement: You don’t need to maintain high balances in your NRE and NRO Accounts. Many banks have dropped their minimum balance requirement significantly. Nowadays, most banks require just Rs. 10,000 as a minimum balance.
    • FCNR Deposit: In addition to NRE/NRO saving accounts and NRE/NRO fixed deposits you also have an option of booking Foreign Currency Deposits. So if you want to save your earnings in Foreign Currency then you can book FCNR deposit and earn interest in Foreign Currency. Interest earned on FCNR deposits are also tax-free in India.
    • Convenience benefits: One more advantage of NRE and NRO Accounts is convenience. Opening an NRI Account is easy. Most banks allow you to open NRI accounts without visiting the branch in India. All you need to do is fill a form online, take a printout, attach the self-attested copy of the required documents and courier it to the bank in India. HDFC Bank allows conversion of your existing Resident account to NRO account by simply emailing the required documents to the Branch via your register email id.




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Banks may gain deposits amid debt-limit talks. But what happens next?

The debt ceiling impasse is adding another layer of volatility to an already unstable funding situation at U.S. banks, and there are no signs that it will ease up in the near future. Over the next week or so, the deadlock threatens to upend financial markets and incite widespread chaos if a deal isn't reached before the U.S. Treasury runs out of cash, which administration officials estimate could happen......Read More

Comerica bolsters its capital markets business by adding M&A arm

Comerica has formed a national investment banking unit within its capital markets business, expanding the number of products and services available to its commercial and wealth management clients. Comerica Securities, a subsidiary of the Dallas-based parent company, will provide merger-and-acquisition services as well as private placement advisory services, the firm said......Read More

Debt investors losing millions on Libor switch start to fight back

The request from Allied Universal to its lenders last month seemed innocuous and logical enough. With the deadline rapidly approaching to phase out Libor as the benchmark for trillions of dollars of floating-rate debt, the provider of security guards and janitors wanted to start using a replacement to set the rate on more than $4 billion of loans. Under the terms of its credit agreement, the company didn't even need its debtholders to formally sign off on the plan — it just needed more than half of them to refrain from objecting.....Read More

Bankers to see bonuses plunge amid drop in mergers, stock sales

Bonus season is looking grim on Wall Street, with year-end incentive pools expected to drop sharply across the finance industry amid a pullback in mergers and acquisitions, persistent inflation and the threat of a potential recession.....Read More

Bank OZK gets a boost from falling loan repayments

Bank OZK in Little Rock, Arkansas, had predicted that loan paydowns could hit a record level in 2022, hampering growth even as the company expands its national customer base. Conditions changed in the third quarter. The $26.2 billion-asset bank, whose bread-and-butter business is commercial real estate lending, struggled to grow its loan portfolio in the first half of the year........Read More

Fall legislative preview: Risk and reward ahead for banks in runup to midterms

 It's been a historically busy session for Congress, but lawmakers may not be quite done yet as the nation barrels towards a midterm election.  Today's legislative landscape is a far cry from the winter of 2021, when it had appeared that the legislative core of the Biden administration's agenda — the Build Back Better Act — had been scrapped over differences between moderate and progressive Democrats.....Read More

Why businesses are growing frustrated with the service at their bank

Small and midsize businesses are increasingly frustrated with the quality of service they’re receiving from their banks, which are struggling with the effects of high employee turnover. Among business clients that recently switched banks, 44% said that a primary reason was dissatisfaction with an employee assigned to their accounts, according to a survey conducted in May and June.......Read More

Joe Biden Is Right, Inflation Is a Global Problem as Europe Sees Record Price Spike

Joe Biden got one thing right about soaring inflation: it’s not just a U.S. phenomenon. On Friday, European economic data showed prices rose in June at an annual rate of 8.6%, a record, and a level identical to that seen last month in the U.S. The news comes as the European Central Bank, which has lagged the Federal Reserve in tightening monetary policy, is poised to raise interest rates......Read More


7 Best Stagflation Stocks to Buy

In May, the U.S. consumer price index gained 8.6%, its highest inflation growth reading since 1981. The S&P 500 has been pressured in recent weeks as investors grow increasingly concerned that the Federal Reserve will be unable to get inflation in check without triggering a U.S. recession.....Read More

How Do Conflicts and War Affect Stocks?

Escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine came to a head early Feb. 24 when Russia launched a deadly invasion into its neighboring nation, with explosions and missile strikes in Ukraine's capital of Kyiv and several other cities. The potential for Russian military aggression in Ukraine has been weighing on global financial markets for weeks. The military assault triggered a sharp sell-off in the S&P 500 and pushed the Nasdaq briefly into bear market territory before both stock....Read More

Will the Stock Market Crash Again? 10 Risk Factors

The S&P 500 is on a seven-month winning streak and hasn't had even one 5% pullback so far in 2021. The stock market is showing signs of weakness so far in September, however, including stringing together five consecutive down days. The S&P 500 more than doubled after its March 2020 lows in less than a year and a half, but there are several factors suggesting that the next market crash could be just.....Read More

8 Financial Stocks to Buy As Interest Rates Rise

Over the past six months, 10-year U.S. Treasury bond yields have nearly doubled. Although they remain historically low, a growing number of investors and analysts now believe inflation will push interest rates even higher in 2021 following more than $6 trillion in U.S. stimulus spending. Rising interest rates are good news for bank stocks because higher rates create an opportunity for net interest margin.....Read More

Fintech firm Klarna is raising $1 billion at a $31 billion valuation, sources say

Klarna is close to finalizing a $1 billion funding round that would give the Swedish fintech company a valuation of $31 billion, two people familiar with the matter told CNBC. The Stockholm-based firm is one of the world’s largest providers of “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) services, which allow shoppers to spread out the cost of their purchases over a period of interest-free installments........Read More

Strategas’ Chris Verrone says banks will lead in 2021

Chris Verrone, Strategas, on where the banks are headed in 2021. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Jeff Mills.

...........Read More

Tired of Trump, Deutsche Bank games ways to sever ties with the president

Deutsche Bank AG is looking for ways to end its relationship with President Donald Trump after the U.S. elections, as it tires of the negative publicity stemming from the ties, according to three senior bank officials with direct knowledge of the matter......Read More

US red-flag 44 Indian banks for transactions of $1 billion: High-risk of money laundering and financial crimes

A Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) is a document that financial institutions, and those associated with their business, must file with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) whenever there is a suspected case of money laundering or fraud. SARS was designed to be the centerpiece of a new approach,,,,,,,,,Read More

UDR to Participate in Bank of America Securities 2020 Virtual Global Real Estate Conference

UDR, Inc. (the “Company”) (NYSE: UDR), a leading multifamily real estate investment trust, today announced that the Company will participate in the Bank of America Securities 2020 Global Real Estate Conference being held virtually on September 15-17, 2020. The UDR Executive Team will host a roundtable discussion.....Read More

Bank of America pledges $1 billion to address racial, economic inequality

Bank of America Corp on Tuesday pledged $1 billion to help communities across the country address economic and racial inequality, the first big bank to vow monetary support following violent protests after the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police in.....Read More


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