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NRI, appointed as Member of policy maker at Democratic Party

Washington, February 1, 2006
Abrar Alvi

NRI, Entrepreneur Kamil Hasan appointed as Member of the Democratic Party of USA to help Democratic National Committee as policy maker. It will help strong relationship between NRIs and Democratic Party. Now more NRIs will come forward in politics and will be endorsed to the key position in the party as well as in the Government if Democratic Party wins. Mr. Kamil Hasan will sit on the table with top leaders of the Democratic Party to make a plateform of the party. He will be able to organise and mobilise the Indian community to participate in the party, to raise money in a more organised manner and to reflect issues important to the Indian Americans in the Democratic platform. He have been involved in Democratic Party politics at all level for many years. He raised a lot of money for John Kerry campaign, the 2004 presidential candidate and helped establish the first Indo-American Council in DNC."

Kamil Hasan is a general partner in the San Jose-based venture company, Hitek Venture Partners. He received his B.S. in engineering from Aligarh Muslim University, India, in 1967, an M.S. degree in engineering from M.I.T, in 1969, and a Ph.D. degree in engineering from UC, Berkeley in 1973. After receiving his Ph.D., he taught at the Indian Institute of Technology, Dehli, as an assistant professor of engineering and later at Stanford University as an associate professor of engineering.

For more than 25 years, Hasan has worked in the software industry. He founded Hitek Venture Partners in 1995, to invest in early-stage companies in the internet, e-commerce, telecommunications, and enterprise software areas. He has a portfolio of 35 companies and serves on the board of five of these companies.

Kamil's articles have appeared in more than 50 technical and trade journals, and he is a recipient of a John F. Lincoln Foundation award for outstanding achievement in engineering design.

Kamil and Talat Hasan have two daughters and live in Saratoga, California. They have recently purchased land in Santa Cruz county and intend to establish a home there as well. They are actively involved in charity and educational activities through the Hasan Family Foundation.








Talat and Kamil Hasan


  • Talat Hasan , wife also active, with her husband, as an Angel Investor for start-up companies and a mentor to several budding entrepreneurs. Also with her husband, she is in the process of establishing the Nurul Hasan Educational Foundation (named after her late father, Professor Nurul Hasan, who was Minister of Education in the cabinet of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and was a governor of the State of West Bengal, India).