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Indian-origin teacher jailed for sex with pupils  

London, Nov 23-- A 37-year-old Indian-origin woman was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for having sex with two teenaged students in Britain.

Hina Patel, who worked as a classroom assistant and swimming teacher at Birkdale High School in Merseyside, admitted two counts of sexual activity with a child at North Sefton Magistrates' Court last month. She was sent to Liverpool Crown Court for sentencing.

According to the Sun, Patel invited the youngsters to her home, where she had sex with one boy then the other just a few hours later.

During her sentencing Tuesday, Martin Decker, prosecuting, said the single mother of two was employed to provide support and supervision for pupils who had been disruptive in class.

Decker told the court how she came to meet the two boys in February this year and during a one-to-one supervision she exchanged mobile phone numbers with them.

Describing an exchange of text messages between Patel and one of the boys, Decker said: "Initially she was being friendly and saying he was a 'good lad' but after about four days the content became sexual."

"The boy described the texts as being normal at first and then 'weird'. After about a week she invited the boys to her house," Decker told the court.

Patel collected one boy in a hired car as the other made his own way to her home where they watched DVDs, the court was told.

"In his police interview the boy said she started touching him and kissing him and this led to sexual intercourse. The boy was asked how he felt about this and he replied that it felt 'weird'," Decker said.

The youngster left the house about an hour later leaving Patel alone with the other boy.

The pair arranged to meet on a second occasion but the boy changed his mind after Patel picked him up and got out of her car, Decker said.

He told a friend he had sex with Patel and the friend was later arrested after burgling the teacher's home. That boy told Youth Justice officials about Patel's relationship with her pupils and the police raided her house.

They seized her mobile phone which contained text messages from the boys which included "the police know everything" and "don't tell people".

Gary Loveridge, head teacher of Birkdale High School, said Patel was never employed as a swimming teacher by the school and did that job separately to her work at Birkdale.

NRI Hina Patel, teacher found guilty of sex with students 

Indian-origin teacher found guilty of sex with students

London, Nov 19, 2010: An Indian-origin woman has been found guilty of sexual misconduct after she confessed she had sex with two 15-year-old students earlier this year, a media report said Friday.

Hina Patel, a 37-year-old teacher at Birkdale High School for Boys in Merseyside, Friday pleaded guilty to two charges of abusing her position of trust by sexual misconduct at the North Sefton magistrate's court.

She will be sentenced at the Liverpool Crown Court Monday, the Daily Mail reported.

The court was told she seduced a 15-year-old schoolboy with the promise of a warm bed at her home, saying: "Get in bed, the electric blanket's on."

The teenager - who is now 16 and cannot be named - said Patel gave him her phone number while he was in detention before they slept together in February while her children were away with their father.

"I got sent to isolation and Hina was on duty. She was talking to me about why I got sent there and telling me to calm down. Then, out of nowhere, she just slipped me her number on a little bit of paper. I was amazed and confused. I didn't tell my mates straight away but I was texting her, trying to keep it quiet," the boy said.

The teenager said that after around 10 days of regularly messaging each other, even when both were at school, he was invited to Patel's home.

"I asked her if her husband was home and she told me she was divorced and that's where the kids were," he said.

After his encounter at Patel's home, he passed her phone number to his friend, who also began sending her text messages.

"She text us both lots of weird stuff. One said: 'My knees tremble when I see you'. Sometimes she would send us the exact same messages," he said.

"My friend had sex with her three or four times and he stayed over at her house once. She sent him a text saying: 'It's going to be a few more years before the tiger comes out'."

Patel was suspended from the school as soon as the allegations emerged.


Indian-origin teacher admits she had sex with pupils  

London, Oct 13-- An Indian-origin woman teacher in Britain has admitted that she had sex with two boy-pupils at her home, a court was told.

Thirtyseven-year-old Hina Patel, who worked as a teacher, met the boys at her home where they had intercourse, Daily Express reported Wednesday.

Patel has pleaded guilty to two charges of abusing her position of trust by sexual misconduct with the boys.

She will be sentenced Nov 22 at Liverpool Crown Court.

"I am appalled she used her position in such a way. We are relieved we found out at such an early stage."

"But it just shows how you have to be very vigilant and your processes have to be robust," Gary Loveridge, head teacher of the school Birkdale High, Merseyside, was quoted as saying.

Patel was suspended when the allegations came to light earlier this year. ...............NRIpress/IANS





Hina Patel, a supply teacher at Birkdale High School for Boys near Southport, Merseyside, was suspended after admitting having sex with two 15-year-old teenagers earlier this year.

She pleaded guilty to two charges of abusing her position of trust by sexual misconduct at North Sefton Magistrates Court and will be sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court