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NRI missing wife ran off with another man, police cost $250,000 for search
Will Police Recover Quarter Million Dollar Investigation Costs?

CHICAGO, Jan 02, 2008
Trupti Patel

The prosecutors of Cook County and police said criminal charges will not be filed against Anu Solanki, 24 and Karan C. Jani, 23 she fled with. They had been trying to determine if she could be charged with a false report of a crime. But at this point the evidence is insufficient to prove that Solanki knowingly took substantial steps to convince police that she was a crime victim

Authorities have not said whether they are now considering filing civil suit to recover investigation costs, where their burden of proof would be much less than in a criminal case but without additional evidence even winning in civil court is doubtful.

NRI woman basically wanted out of her marriage- no hoax

CHICAGO, December 31, 2007
Trupti Patel

Bill Cunningham, chief of staff to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said, “She told us that she, in no way, meant to concoct some sort of hoax or leave the impression she fell in the water. She also expressed regret and embarrassment about the reaction.”

The “reaction” was an intensive, more than $250,000 search of the river near Wheeling for Anu Solanki.

It is confirmed that she really used the river trip to meet up with Karan C. Jani, who had rented a car and driven from Los Angeles to get her. The two then drove to Jani’s apartment in Los Angeles. Solanki and Jani had been in contact for more than a year. She met him through a mutual friend before getting married to Dignesh, whom she had known for three years before the wedding

On Dec. 28, Anu Solanki boarded a plane in Los Angeles and returned to Chicago at 8:30 p.m. She met sheriff’s investigators and went to the courthouse in Skokie, where Solanki gave the statement.

Anu Solanki told investigators:

  • She was unhappy in her marriage, but her husband was not abusive or cruel
  • She basically wanted out of her marriage and wanted to make a clean break.
  • She apparently had begun looking for an L.A.-area apartment and a female roommate.
  • When Jani spotted online news coverage of the river search and he encouraged her to contact her family and she did.

Her cousin said that Dignesh was just working all the time and they had a couple of problems.

Dignesh Solanki told the media:

  • She told him that she was going to the river to dispose of a broken religious idol after getting off work as a cashier at a nearby hotel gift shop. He became worried when he couldn't reach her several hours later and, along with a friend, discovered her car.
  • He worried his bride could have fallen into the chilly water while ritually disposing of a broken Hindu idol used in their May 6 wedding.
  • He never dreamed his wife might have run away with another man
  • He remembers the "romantic" text messages he noticed on her cell phone just two days after they were married.
  • He gave her a chance because she promised him she would be 100 percent faithful. One day before leaving, his wife told him she wanted to have a baby.
  • He is not the one who's going to punish that guy and God will punish the guy. That's what I believe. He messed my life up.
  • She could have told him if she needed a break from him. The police have spent all this time and money. He don't know why she did this.

Solanki's family members, including her parents and two siblings, drove from their home in Charlottesville, Va., to help pass out leaflets with her photo.

NRI woman is alive -She left the Chicago area with a male friend

CHICAGO, December 28, 2007
Trupti Patel

Police Chief Richard Waszak and Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart, in a joint press conference said, it is believe that Solanki left the Chicago area with a male friend, identified as 23-year-old Karan Jani. He is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California who may still live in that state. The investigators discovered cell phone records which indicate that Solanki left the area on her own accord.

Jani placed several cell phone calls to Solanski while she was at work Monday morning at a gift shop in a Wheeling hotel, according to a police news release. Those phone calls originated from the Wheeling area. Solanki left work shortly after noon and her car was found approximately four hours later, parked near the Des Plaines River in the Dam One Woods in Wheeling, less than two miles from the hotel.

Anyone who has had contact with Solanki should call police at 847-294-4733.



NRI woman may have fallen into Des Plaines River while disposing of statue


December 27, 2007
Trupti Patel

NRI Dignesh Solanki told police that on Dec. 24, his wife Anu Solanki went to discard the broken Hindu statue of Ganesh in the river to avoid bad luck. You're not supposed to keep it in the house because it's broken. Her car was found with its engine running in a forest preserve parking lot. A bag and a laptop computer were missing from her car.

The police made a daylong search of the Des Plaines River by divers, police dogs and a helicopter failed to find the Indian girl. On Wednesday, police and rescue workers in boats swept a six-mile stretch of the river downstream from the parking lot.A sonar-imaging system was used to check the murky waters and divers waded into the river below a small concrete dam near the park to hunt for her. Search dogs prowled the banks of the river, while a helicopter hovered low overhead.

Authorities were trying to determine whether Anu Solanki, who lived with her husband in unincorporated Des Plaines, might have fallen into the frigid river while trying to place the statue in the water.

Dignesh Solanki said:

  • He last spoke to his wife about 11:30 a.m. Monday while she was at work and said she seemed in good spirits.
  • The statue had been shipped to them after the wedding but was broken in transit. She wanted to stop at the forest preserve after work to properly dispose of a Hindu relationship statue of Ganesh, which had been used at their wedding
  • We were married May 6 in New Jersey after dating for nearly three years.



    Anu Solanki

  • The money used to locate her was a complete waste of time. Just think how it could have helped all these people.
  • It appears that we have a “runaway newlywed”. So much for just leaving your husband and getting a divorce. Instead pretend that you have gone missing and waste tax payers money and the police’s time........Gary Singh

Karan C. Jani,
who had rented a car and driven from Los Angeles to get her. He is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California who may still live in that state.