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NRI Darashan Singh Dhanjan taken into custody suspected of killing daughter-in-law's parents in their homeand

  • Fresno Police says: A family dispute ended with the deaths of two people and one man in custody

  • Woman parents and in-laws also live in the same home.

Darashan Singh Dhanjan Prosecutors could seek death

The victims were identified as Ravinder Pal Singh, 59, and the wife, Rajbir Kaur, 62.

September 11, 2018

Darshan Singh Dhanjan, 65, has been charged with two counts of murder and one count of criminal threats. Now Dhanjan will be held in the Fresno County Jail in lieu of $3 million.

Darshan Dhanjan became very upset when his son's father-in-law Ravinder Pal Singh, 59, and mother-in-law Rajbir Kaur, 62, were supposed to move out but refused. They had been living there six months and had just gotten their green cards allowing them to stay in the United States permanently

Darshan Dhanjan's daughter-in-law Jaldeep Kaur, was upstairs and heard loud noises and came downstairs, bringing her young daughter with her. She saw her mom and dad lying in the recliner. Ravinder Pal Singh still had the remote control in his hand when he was shot and killed. It looks that there is on struggle at all.

Darshan Singh Dhanjan told daughter-in-law, Jaldeep Kaur, “I’m going to kill you, too and pointed the gun at her but it did not fire. It appears he had tried to get the gun to fire but it may have jammed.”

Jaldeep Kaur run upstairs. Darshan Dhanjan called his wife and told her what he had done. He hid the gun inside his bedroom then got in a car and drove away.

Jaldeep Kaur told police her father-in-law shot the two. Her parents and in-laws also live in the same home. Jaldeep Kaur's husband, was working at the time.

Dodanjh was pulled over a few miles away from the shooting house by police and arrested