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NRI Husband 35 years in jail for killing wife, in-laws in arson fire

London, Feb22, 2006
Amolak Singh

NRI, Gurmej Rai, 38, has been given four life sentences but must serve a minimum of 35 years in jail. He has been convicted of killing his wife, Darshan Kaur, her parents Ajit Singh and Gurdish Kaur, and their daughter-in-law Palvinder Kaur.

Prosecutors said Gurmej Rai lived a bachelor's life in Britain for six years while his wife stayed in India, When his wife came to Britain in 2004, however, her family told him he needed to start acting the model husband.

Gurmej Rai recruited two men to set their house on fire. Two Handsworth men, Raju Sahonta, 20, of Station Road, and Ravinder Bedhan, 19, of Raleigh Close, were acquitted of four counts of murder and one of attempted murder by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court.

Badhan and Sahonta told the court that they thought that the plan was an insurance scam and did not know that anyone was inside the house. The jury cleared them of four counts of murder and one of attempted murder. But both admitted the manslaughter of the four.

Reports say that Rai was also sentenced to 25 years, to run concurrently, for the attempted murder of Amerjit Kaur, 24, who was the only survivor of the blaze.


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