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One NRI and 3 hired Ganganagar contract killers arrested to kill Father-in-Law

Chandigarh, Dec. 30, 2007
Charanjit Grewal

Surrey, BC, NRI, Veerharinder Singh wanted revenge and teach a lesson to his father-in-law Harphool Singh who had sent his daughter to Canada without his knowledge and without the money.

Veerharinder asked his cousin Sukhvir Singh, alias Sukhi, also based in Surrey to find a man for the job. Through his friend Ramandeep, who basically belongs to Ganganagar, Sukhi and Veerharinder sent Rs 60,000 to the contract killers through western money transfer two months ago. When the killers could not carry out the deal, Ramandeep was sent to India with a return ticket for January 1, 2008, to do the job. Ramandeep and six others were on way to Munidya village when they were arrested. Two alleged killers Mohit Kumar, alias Pandit, and Suresh Kumar, alias Kaali, managed to escape.

According to police, the bride, Pawanjot Kaur, who went to Canada to look for her husband, is currently living with her grandfather in Edmonton. Ludhiana Senior Superintendent of Police R.K. Jais-wal said:

  • We charged Veerharinder Singh- Surrey businessman, and his cousin, Sukhvir Singh, alias Sukhi for conspiracy
  • We plan to seek the extradition of the two


Canada NRI hired Ganganagar contract killers to kill Father-in-Law- Four arrested

Chandigarh, Dec. 28, 2007
Charanjit Grewal

In 2004, Canadian NRI Virharinder Singh married to Pawanjot Kaur, daughter of Ranphul Singh, a resident of village Mundian, Ludhiana, Punjab. According to Ranphul Singh, Virharinder's parents always assured that Pawanjot will be sponsored soon and never happened. When we tried to contact their relatives then they started asking Rs. 30 lakh ( Rs 3 million) for taking the Pawanjot to Canada. Almost three years past, we decided to send Pawanjot to Canada our own and it hurted to Virharinder and his parents.

On Dec. 28, the police arrested three contract killers- Ramanjit, Sunil, Kulwant, Jaskarn and two escaped, who were allegedly planning to kill Ranphul Singh on one restaurant (at Dhaba). The police got a tip from a local person about the plot. The police have also recovered two pistols, Canadian $300 and Rs 15000 from the arrested gang killers.

After the investigation, the police found that Virharinder Singh contacted the contract killers through his cousin Sukhvir Singh, who lives in Canada. They paid Rs. 60,000 to the killers through a money exchange company. Virharinder Singh like to eliminate father-in-law to stop to send Pawanjot to Canada






NRI Virharinder hired contract killers to kill father-in-law