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Los Angeles NRI, student at Delhi University committed suicide or murdered!


New Delhi, May 13, 2007
Ashok Mehta

Keanan Mehra, 21, a resident of Norwalk City ( near Los Angeles) was found dead in a pool of blood with a kitchen knife stuck in his neck and blunt head injuries, inside his rented home at Hudson Lines, near the Delhi University north campus, where he got admission in Master degree prog. in Philosophy.

About six weeks back he moved here after staying for a while with his aunt Chetna Kapoor, who lives in Vaishali, Ghaziabad. Keanan Mehra's father is the editor of Asian magazine in the US and expected to arrive in the city any time.

Keanan Mehra's murder has become a mystery that no fingerprints have been found. All windows were shut, and the only entrance to the flat was bolted from inside. According to the police: It unlikely that some assailants entered the house and then escaped. The only window, which lay open, did not have any ledge or rainwater pipe close to it, which the killer or killers may have used to escape. The terrace on the third floor of the building could be reached through Mehra's apartment, but its door was also locked from inside.

Harjeet Singh, owner of the building, who lives in the first floor said:

  • Keanan used to greet us whenever we met and was a very well-behaved boy. When we didn't see him for four days, we knocked on his door, but did not get any response. His phone was also switched off. So, we called up his aunt, Chetna Kapoor. Keanan's aunt asked the landlord to check on him even as she was on her way from Vaishali. We initially insisted that she should come to the house before we break open the door. But when she requested us to check on him, we complied thinking that the boy might be unwell or hurt and need immediate medical attention.
  • We kept knocking on the door for a long time, and finally, broke open the door. What we saw scared us so much that we ran back downstairs. We saw Mehra lying in a pool of blood on the floor and the room was stinking of rotting flesh. We quickly informed the police who took away the body and sealed the flat.

Keanan Mehra's aunt, Chetna Kapoor has told the police:

  • Keanan did not have any signs of depression. He came to pursue a master's course in philosophy
  • He stayed with us for few weeks before moving into his rented apartment on April 8.
  • His parents were in the city till April 12, helping him to settle down.
  • He had gone to attend a wedding at Haldwani in Uttaranchal with us and looked very happy.

The police told media today:

  • We assumed that he had stabbed himself to death and died of the stab injury in his neck. We found broken knife with the top half stuck in his neck and the remaining part lying next to his body. It is possible that the knife broke due to the impact or he tried to pull the knife out and it broke,
  • Let we say, if he was killed by someone- he was strong young man and could not overpowered by just one person and at least 2-3 people had to be involved. There were no signs of any struggle inside the apartment and nothing was stolen.
  • There was so much blood at the spot and not a single footmark was found.
  • We are now investigating the motive. We could not find any suicide note. After the postmortem report, things will be more clear.