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Improperly installed Propane water-heating geysers in Punjab killed two Canadian
Who is responsible for innocent people killed for (Gas geysers) are being installed all over Punjab?


CA, April 18, 2007
Gurdarshan Kaur

Two NRI families with their teenage children from British Columbia, Canada went to Punjab for holidays and each lost a teenage son age of 16 and 18 years old.

Manhas Family lost their son Prabhjot Justin Manhas in January 2007

In mid-January, NRI Pwitter Manhas, wife, Kalwinder Manhas and two sons from Vancouver went to the small town of Paldi in the state of Punjab for a family wedding.

The whole family stayed with their in laws, who had recently built a new home that had a gas geyser in the bathroom. A geyser is a small water-heating unit fueled by propane. It's cheaper than traditional electric hot water heating and more efficient than heating water over an open flame.

Kalwinder Manhas said that the bathroom was not ventilated and she had earlier felt ill while taking a shower. They discovered their son Prabhjot Justin Manhas, 16's body in the bathroom after returning from a village temple.

Dhaliwal Family lost their son Jaskarn "Karny" Dhaliwal, 18 years old in March, 2007

NRI Jaspal (Paul), mother Gurmit Kaur, son Jaskaran and brother Tejinder (T.J.) residents of Langley, BC, Canada went to India for holidays and their first trip ever as a family to India ended tragically. Dhaliwal parents said:

March 1 2007, our son, Jaskarn "Karny" Dhaliwal, 18, after having a fun game of soccer with about 20 guys went to take a shower. While in the bathroom, his aunt called out to see who was in there and he told her he was taking a shower. About 20 - 30 minutes later when she checked on him again, there was no response.

When the door was finally forced open, Karny was lying lifeless on the cement floor in a tiny bathroom with the shower still running. Having no system such as "911", I attempted CPR for approximately an hour while we carried his limp body in and out of five hospitals only to be told over and over again that he's gone!

Jaskarn was graduated from Sullivan Heights Senior Secondary school Class of 2006. Funeral was held at Five Rivers Funeral Home in Delta on Hopcot Road. March 17th, 2007



  • (Gas geysers) are being installed improperly by uncertified technicians all over Punjab
  • The caution labels stating not to install them in the bathroom or kitchen without sufficient ventilation but it is ignored.
  • Carbon monoxide: a tasteless, colorless, odorless, gas known as the “silent killer" build up in bathroom and kitchen because of inadequate ventilation.

Poor ventilation had caused a buildup of lethal carbon monoxide gas from the propane heaters used to warm water:





JASKARN S. DHALIWAL passed away March 01, 2007 while on Vacation in India.

  • (Gas geysers) are being installed improperly by uncertified technicians all over Punjab...Minhas Family

  • Don't let someone you know be the next victim in this death chamber we call a bathroom. It's senseless and should have been prevented. Please help us spread the word. You might save
    someone else from this nightmare that will remain with us forever!
  • Majority of these deaths have been written off as “Heart Attacks” without any investigation.... Dhaliwal Family