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Gurgaon, March 04, 2007: Dr Tejpal Jaitley has been sent to 14 days judicial custody.

Last week, NRI girls's kidnapped drama and now father held for shooting
not to vacate property with due rent of Rs 11 lakhs


Gurgaon, March 03, 2007
Ms. Asha Sharma

Dr Tejpal Jaitley, father of two NRI girls who had complained last week that his daughters had been kidnapped as false statement and today he fired two rounds from a 12 bore gun on court officials and the police who had gone to his house number 1706 in Beverely Park-II with a court order asking him to vacate the house he was living in as a tenant.

Gurgaon SSP Hanif Qureshi told media reporters that Jaitley had not paid the rent since January 2004. When he refused to vacate the house, the house owner, Kamaljit Kochar had to file a civil suit against him in Gurgaon cour that the rent due on him was more than Rs 11 lakhs.

Kamaljit said, last year Dr Tejpal Jaitley threatened to kidnap her when she demanded rent from him. A Supreme Court lawyer, Mr. Kochar said that the property actually belongs to his brother who is NRI

NRI two girls never be kidnapped, Father gave wrong information to police

Gurgaon, Feb 26, 2007
Ms. Asha Sharma

Senior Superintendent of Police told media that a security guard at the mall saw the three females and the youth at a eating outlet and informed the police that he saw no force being used by the youth while the two girls accompanied him to the vehicle in which they drove away.

According to the police investigation, Vipul Scott Jaitley, 23, US born citizen came to Palm Town and Country Club at 11 am on Sunday and booked room no 106. He later took a taxi to City Centre mall and from mall along with two girls came back to the club. After that Vipul Jaitley and two girls travel to the domestic airport from where they took a flight, Jet Airways at 7:40 pm to Mumbai.

Both two NRI girls along with a relative Rita Kapoor came to city centre from their Beverly Park house. Ms Kapoor told the girls' father Tajpal Jaitley whole story, who then informed the police control room alleging his daughters were kidnapped and might be taken to the US or Canada.

It is very clear that the allegedly tense relations between the girls' mother and the father might have forced them to leave for Mumbai with their relative at their own wish.

Now police is trying to find out why Jaitley gave us wrong information and cooked up a story of abduction.

Two NRI girls kidnapped from Gurgaon busy mall


Gurgaon, February, 26, 2007
Ms. Asha Sharma

On Sunday, two NRI girls, Jaun Ruchi, 20, and Ayesha Aditi, 9 have been kidnapped from the City Centre Mall on MG Road, Gurgaon. A man forcibly took the two to a car outside and drove off. Both girls are US citizens and had come to India recently.

Both NRI girls were kidnapped from outside city's City Centre mall, Gurgaon

Gurgaon police told NRI media group that a NRI who gave his name as Dr Jaitley, called around 6 pm to claim that his daughters had been abducted and they could be taken to the US against their will.

A woman told the police that a man who had kidnapped her two daughters might forcibly take them to either Canada or the United States. She had also disclosed the name of the kidnapper and this strengthened their belief of it being a case of personal enmity.

Police officials told the media that there is great tense relations between the girls' mother and the father, who is a doctor.

The police have already alert the Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi.